Who Abuses Drugs in Ohio?

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When you think of a drug addict, it is likely that you imagine a specific type of person. Maybe you believe that only someone with a low socioeconomic status, who had a dysfunctional childhood, or someone who is not intelligent or hardworking could become dependent on drugs or alcohol.

However, the truth is much more complicated than that. In Ohio and the rest of the 49 states, Americans from all walks of life are falling victim to the disease of addiction in record numbers.

This article explores how more people are becoming addicted, what drugs are most common in Ohio, and what can be done for those in Ohio who are suffering from addiction disorders.

Facing Stereotypes

While many believe that addicts live in poverty, come from specific ethnic backgrounds, or societal groups, the truth about addiction is that it is a brain disease that is affected by many genetic, neurological, and environmental factors. Because of those above stressful environmental factors such as poverty and exposure to crime, it is true that people in vulnerable groups do sometimes abuse drugs. However, due to social phenomena such as the steroid crisis of the ’90s and the increasing rate of opioid addiction across the state of Ohio and the nation, medical professionals are increasingly seeing middle class and affluent patients seeking addiction help.

Common Drugs in Ohio

In recent years, almost all illicit drug use has increased in the state of Ohio. Currently, the most widely available and abused drug in the state is heroin and other opiates, including prescription painkillers. The price of heroin has come down substantially over the years, making it cheap to obtain and abuse, even more so than alcohol in many cases. This, plus the ease of acquisition in many communities, has caused what many experts consider to be a heroin epidemic in the state and across the nation. At the same time, crack cocaine, heroin, speed, and other substances including party drugs like MDMA remain a significant risk to many communities across the socioeconomic spectrum.

Ohio drug rehab

Prescription opioids are often the drugs of choice for Ohio addicts.

Ohio Drug Rehab

Ohio residents who are concerned about their own drug use or that of a loved one have a number of resources available to them. Drug treatment options will depend on the type of addiction and the duration and severity of it. Recovery Village Columbus can help you or a loved one cope with drug dependency, get sober, and start living a happier, healthier life. We are centrally located to serve the entire Buckeye State while also providing plentiful local resources to Ohioans such as connections to Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

Contact us to learn more about how you can start recovering from an addiction disorder today. We stand ready to help.