Americans Spotlight Drug Addiction as a Major Problem in Their Community

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What do the words “drug addiction” mean to Americans? A recent Pew study highlights Americans’ view on drug addiction. They see addiction as a serious problem in their communities. What does this mean for Ohioans? The Story Behind America’s Drug Worries Nearly 64,000 people died of a drug overdose in 2016, and it is likely … Read More

CDC Report Sounds the Alarm about American Opioid Use

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What is the state of opioid addiction in the US? Recently, a CDC report provided a snapshot of this serious and growing problem. Is the fight against overdose deaths working, or does the US continue to have more and more overdose deaths each year? What Does the CDC Report Show? While data from more recent … Read More

Alcohol Detox: The Right Thing to Do, but Dangerous to Do Alone

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If you are battling an addiction to alcohol and wish to stop, detox is your first step in the process. Your body needs to eliminate all traces of alcohol in order for it to start healing, and detox is the initial phase of treatment in rehab. There is a note of caution, however. Going through … Read More

Ohio Meth Deaths Rise as Cartels Increase Supply

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In Ohio, something alarming is occurring; meth overdose deaths are increasing. While heroin overdoses are down, meth seems to be an increasing problem. What are the causes and, more importantly, what solutions are available? Why Are Meth Deaths Increasing? There are a few different reasons for the increase in meth deaths. In part, the deaths … Read More

CDC Director Discusses America’s Deadly Opioid Crisis

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Is the opioid crisis worse than AIDS? Why would the director of the Centers for Disease Control compare the two? In July, Robert Redfield made a comment comparing the two problems and their respective death rates. Understanding the parallels between the two diseases can help people find more compassion for those struggling with substance use … Read More

Hobby or Disorder: When Does Gaming Become a Problem?

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It might just be a game, but some people find that their gaming moves from an activity that happens occasionally to an activity that they want to do all of the time. How do you know if you or any of your loved ones have a gaming disorder? Know the signs and symptoms so that … Read More

Study Reveals Surprising Results Regarding Cannabis Use for Pain Relief

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Medical marijuana continues to become legalized in the US, with several states already adopting legislation in favor of decriminalizing the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. There are several reasons why a person would use cannabis, including pain management. Many advocates tout the use of cannabis for pain and inflammation, but the science is not … Read More

Exploring the Dangers of Bath Salts

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There are a number of different drugs out there that can cause addiction, but some are not as well known as others. Case in point: bath salts. Not to be confused with the Epsom salts that people often add to their bath water in an effort to relax and unwind, bath salts used to get … Read More

The Road to Recovery: 8 Milestones to Celebrate

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If you are dealing with a substance use disorder, it might seem like a celebration is hard to find. After all, you have struggled for a long time, and you know that it can be difficult to stay sober and in recovery. However, it can also be joyful. Recovery is not just a hard time; … Read More

What’s Behind Ohio’s Increasing Fentanyl Use?

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Why does Ohio have a fentanyl problem? Unfortunately, according to the US News, “a trend has emerged of more deaths involving meth or cocaine mixed with fentanyl, the painkiller blamed for increasing U.S. fatalities in recent years as authorities focused on reducing heroin overdoses.” What is behind this increase in fentanyl use, and how is … Read More