Problem Gambling in Ohio: What You Should Know

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Woman playing slot machine

While gambling might be promoted as an amusing and exciting opportunity to win money, it can be a serious problem for many people. Gambling can also come along with mental health problems and can pair with substance use disorder to make for a particularly complex combination of mental, physical, and financial health challenges. How do … Read More

What Are Your National Recovery Month Plans?

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So much of addiction recovery is about the challenge of becoming sober, but it is important to celebrate recovery as well. During National Recovery Month in September, how will you celebrate the steps that you have made toward long-term sobriety? What resources can you use if you are just starting out on this journey or … Read More

Am I Addicted to Alcohol? How to Do a Realistic Self-Assessment

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Alcohol use is part of the North American culture. It is a prominent part of many social events. People talk about needing a drink to get through a hard week. Alcohol use is touted as a way to unwind and have a good time with friends, and this makes it challenging to determine whether you … Read More

Is Willpower Enough to Fight Addiction?

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Hand refusing a cigarette

“Why can’t you just stop using?” “You need to be stronger to resist doing drugs.” “Just use your willpower and you can stop.” These are just some of the statements that those suffering from addiction often hear from others. There is a misconception that a person who continues to give in to their temptations to … Read More

Is Telemedicine a Good Fit for Addiction Treatment?

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Technology has made just about everything in life easier, so it should come as no surprise that it is now playing a role in the world of addiction treatment. “Telemedicine” is a revolutionary concept that has been playing an increasingly popular role in treating those who suffer from substance use disorder. There are plenty of … Read More

Ohio Kids Flood Foster Care System as Opioid Addiction Rates Rise

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Crying baby

Opioid addiction has been a serious and growing issue in Ohio for years now. The face of that epidemic is usually that of those who are addicted. Families mourn overdoses, and people struggle with substance misuse and move into sobriety. However, there is another side of the opioid addiction crisis, and this involves the children … Read More

Understanding the Role of DBT in Addiction Treatment

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As you look at options for addiction treatment, you may come across the acronym “DBT.” This stands for dialectical behavior therapy, but what does this actually mean? DBT is used as part of a holistic and comprehensive strategy to treat addiction. What Is DBT? Dialectical behavior therapy uses both group and individual therapy and skills … Read More

Can Your Employer Force You to Take a Drug Test?

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Truck driver

When you have a job that you love, you want to keep it. However, if you are struggling with substance misuse and your employer finds out, could they fire you? Can they force you to take a drug test? Why Do Employers Test for Drugs? Drug testing at work is not ubiquitous, but it has … Read More

How to Handle a Friend’s Recurrence of Drug Use

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Sad girl with drugs

Watching friends go through the depths of addiction can be extremely difficult. That is why it is such a relief to know that they have made the decision and taken the steps to quit their habit and enter rehab. Unfortunately, a recurrence of use is rather common, both during and after completion of rehab. Sometimes … Read More

How to Use Yoga in Addiction Recovery

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Woman doing yoga

Yoga has long been known to be a great way to relieve stress, strengthen the body and allow participants to get in touch with their spiritual side. But can it be an effective tool against addiction? Many proponents of yoga suggest that it may be. In fact, yoga is being increasingly incorporated into Ohio addiction … Read More