What Happens If You Mix Vicodin and Alcohol?

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There are plenty of painkillers available, both in prescription and over-the-counter form, for those in pain. Vicodin is one of them. Some people also reach for alcohol as a means to reduce the pain they may feel. They may even use alcohol in conjunction with any pain medication they may be taking. This is not … Read More

CDC Releases New Drug Overdose Stats

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released preliminary figures that show a slight decrease in deaths from drug overdoses among Americans in late 2017 and the first quarter of 2018. Despite this reduction in overdose deaths, the United States remains amid the most catastrophic drug overdose epidemic in its history. In fact, … Read More

Managing Anger in Addiction Recovery

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Entering professional addiction recovery can be a life-saving process. It is also an emotional process. If you are experiencing emotional or mental health issues in addition to addiction, you can address the physical ramifications of a substance use disorder and mental health through a dual diagnosis program. Addiction recovery can be stressful, and it is … Read More

Bariatric Surgery and Alcohol Misuse: 3 Things You Should Know

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Even if you undergo a surgical procedure to better your health, it is important to learn about any possible conditions that could arise from that same surgery. With the obesity rate in the United States at an all-time high, bariatric surgery may seem more desirable than ever. Significant weight loss has innumerable health benefits. Diseases … Read More

Ditching the ‘Rock Bottom’ Myth

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A common phrase that can enter discussions on substance use disorders is “rock bottom,” or the absolute lowest point someone battling substance use disorder can ever hit. Subscribing to the “rock bottom” mentality could mean that a person thinks it is normal or acceptable to reach the lowest point possible before reaching out for addiction … Read More

How PDMPs Help Doctors Fight the Opioid Crisis

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The United States is in the throes of a heated battle against opioid misuse, and doctors are often on the frontlines of that fight. Poor physician prescribing practices have come under fire and identified as one of the major contributing factors to the current opioid epidemic. Without proper care, doctors may prescribe opioids either unnecessarily … Read More

How Does Binge Drinking Affect the Brain?

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Enjoying a night out with friends and having a few drinks might not be so bad, but regularly binge drinking can have detrimental effects on the brain. In fact, research suggests that young people who binge drink could increase their risk of experiencing memory loss later on in life. And the younger the person who … Read More

Drug Misuse and Substance Use Disorders: A Look at the Midwest

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s report on drug misuse provides insight into the state of a serious problem, one that leads to many thousands of overdose deaths and emergency room visits every year. The CDC report is a snapshot of data from across the country, examining the challenges that individuals in specific parts … Read More

6-Point Checklist for Choosing a Drug Rehab Facility

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Should you choose a rehab facility based on its location? What about its programs? When you are choosing a drug rehab facility, it can be difficult to know exactly how you should make that choice. Here are a few items to include on your checklist. 1. A Supportive, Positive Culture While the goal of your … Read More

How Important Is a Post-Rehab Aftercare Plan?

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You have completed your time at the drug rehab facility, and it is time to move into your regular routines once again. Does this mean that you will have no support? On the contrary, your drug rehab facility may offer aftercare plans or programs. These programs are designed to keep you on the path of … Read More