Which Vitamins Aid Addiction Recovery?

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When you think about addiction recovery, you might not think about vitamins. However, having betterĀ overall nutrition and added vitamin supplementation can help you become stronger in mind and body as you transition into a life without substance misuse. Certain vitamins can help you achieve overall wellness and manage some of the vitamin deficiencies that can … Read More

Can Binge Drinking Lead to an Alcohol Use Disorder?

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When you think of the term “binge drinking,” what comes to mind? For some, the term evokes a picture of college-aged people drinking to excess. For others, the term brings to mind a person with an alcohol use disorder (AUD). While binge drinking and an AUD are often linked, the two are not the same … Read More

Why Collaborative Care Is Needed in Addiction Treatment

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Addiction is a ruthless and ever-changing phenomenon. Therefore, recovery options and care protocols must constantly evolve to provide the best opportunity for individuals to find and maintain addiction recovery. A substance use disorder is both a mental and physical ailment that requires treatment for the mind and the body. An effective approach for a person … Read More

AMA Opioid Task Force Makes New Recommendations for Clinicians

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The American Medical Association’s Opioid Task Force recently made recommendations for reducing the effects of opioid misuse. How are Ohio clinicians doing when it comes to following these guidelines? Could these recommendations significantly change the opioid crisis in Ohio? The Opioid Crisis in Ohio Opioid are most commonly prescribed as painkillers for pain following surgery … Read More

How to Tell If You Are Addicted to Hydrocodone

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Chronic pain is a problem across the United States and around the world. When you experience pain due to a health condition such as disease and injury, you may want nothing more than to be pain-free. Sometimes, hydrocodone and other medications that people take to become pain-free can lead to additional physical, mental and emotional … Read More

Chronic Pain and Prescription Opioids: What Clinicians Know Now

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In 2017, the journal Pain Physician published findings regarding opioid misuse among the chronic pain patient population. The research stated that chronic pain and prescription opioid abuse are prevalent both in the United States and around the world. This poses a conundrum for clinicians: You want to help reduce your patients’ pain. However, you know … Read More