7 Addiction Recovery Quotes to Remember in Rehab

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What are some of the supports that you plan to use as you start or continue your addiction recovery journey? While counseling, therapy and 12-step meetings can be powerful tools in recovery, you can use other resources as well. For instance, you might find inspiration by reading quotes from people in the addiction treatment community. … Read More

What Is the Kindling Effect and How Can You Avoid It?

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Seeking long-term recovery comes with a lot of potential challenges. You may know that you need to overcome these obstacles every day in order to achieve and maintain sobriety. For those who have become sober in the past and then experienced a recurrence of substance use multiple times, the kindling effect can make recovery more … Read More

The Dangers of Adderall Abuse

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While there are plenty of illicit drugs that are used and abused by people every day, prescription medications can be just as dangerous when not taken as instructed by a physician. Take Adderall, for instance. This combination medication, which is often prescribed to treat those with attention-deficit/hyperactivity¬†disorder (ADHD), is a type of stimulant. It is … Read More

What Are the Long-Term Effects of Marijuana Use?

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Many individuals view marijuana as a safer alternative to harder illicit drugs like cocaine and heroin. But chronic use of marijuana can cause adverse health effects, both in the short and long term. Short-Term Effects of Marijuana Use Short-term marijuana use can cause a number of acute side effects, including: Hallucinations Short-term memory loss Anxiety … Read More

How a Victim Mentality Impacts Addiction Recovery

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When things do not go the way you would like them to, it may be easy for you to feel sorry for yourself. Whether it is a bad day at work, a stressful time with a loved one or a fight with a friend, distressing situations can get the better of you and make it … Read More

How Addictive Is Morphine?

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A substance use disorder is a challenge no matter what substance you use. However, morphine is a particularly addictive substance. Why is it so addictive, and what can you do if you experience morphine addiction? What Is Morphine? Morphine is a drug that is often used for pain relief. It is prescribed in small doses … Read More

Which Vitamins Aid Addiction Recovery?

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When you think about addiction recovery, you might not think about vitamins. However, having better¬†overall nutrition and added vitamin supplementation can help you become stronger in mind and body as you transition into a life without substance misuse. Certain vitamins can help you achieve overall wellness and manage some of the vitamin deficiencies that can … Read More

Can Binge Drinking Lead to an Alcohol Abuse Disorder?

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When you think of the term “binge drinking,” what comes to mind? For some, the term evokes a picture of college-aged people drinking to excess. For others, the term brings to mind a person with an alcohol use disorder (AUD). While binge drinking and an AUD are often linked, the two are not the same … Read More

Why Collaborative Care Is Needed in Addiction Treatment

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Addiction is a ruthless and ever-changing phenomenon. Therefore, recovery options and care protocols must constantly evolve to provide the best opportunity for individuals to find and maintain addiction recovery. A substance use disorder is both a mental and physical ailment that requires treatment for the mind and the body. An effective approach for a person … Read More

AMA Opioid Task Force Makes New Recommendations for Clinicians

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The American Medical Association’s Opioid Task Force recently made recommendations for reducing the effects of opioid misuse. How are Ohio clinicians doing when it comes to following these guidelines? Could these recommendations significantly change the opioid crisis in Ohio? The Opioid Crisis in Ohio Opioid are most commonly prescribed as painkillers for pain following surgery … Read More