Ohio County Offers Vivitrol to Inmates to Fight Opioid Crisis


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Last year, a record of 4,050 Ohioans died of drug overdoses. Meanwhile, addiction rates continue to climb in the state, reaching epidemic status. Because of the severity of the situation, many in the state are attempting novel solutions to the problem. For instance, Franklin County officials have chosen to allow inmates being released from jail … Read More

The High Cost Ohio Kids with Addicted Parents Pay

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No one plans for every possible contingency in life. Though you may plan for a family, you probably do not include the possibility of addiction in those dreams. Unfortunately, however, the sad fact is that addiction has a huge impact on many families, especially vulnerable children. It is estimated that one in five US children … Read More

How to Help an Ohio Friend Who is a Functioning Alcoholic

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Friends go through a lot together and stick close to each other in good times and bad. A real friend will stick by even when things get really rough, such as when he or she suspects a friend has an alcohol problem. What do you do if you think or know that your friend has … Read More

Ohio Employers Grappling with Addiction in the Workplace

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Ohio has been described as the epicenter of the opioid crisis in the United States, and the business community in the state is trying to weather the effects of widespread opioid abuse among workers. From small independent operations to large corporations, everybody is feeling the effects of this national public health crisis. How is addiction … Read More

Ohio Lt. Governor Calls for Integrated Drug Control Strategy

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The Numbers Statistics related to the current state of opioid addiction in Ohio are staggering, to say the least. Current numbers reveal that deaths are climbing at an incredible rate and show no sign of slowing down. Here is a brief look at some important numbers: 2.3 million Ohio patients — roughly 20 percent of the state’s … Read More

Ohio Politics Focusing on Opioid Addiction Treatment

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As the political climate goes, so goes the discussion on the opioid epidemic. Ohio’s upcoming 2018 election has made the drug crisis a hot talking point. One side promotes going after the sources. For example, a lawsuit filed by the City of Dayton names five opioid manufacturers “for their role in helping to create the … Read More

Ohio Addicts Straining Emergency Rooms across the State

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The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says Ohio is one of the hardest hit states for opioid dependence and deaths due to overdose. Emergency rooms throughout the Buckeye State work under pressure as more people with addiction problems seek urgent care. Education, helpful programs, overdose intervention, and drug rehab in Ohio are all … Read More

Is In-Patient Treatment Necessary for Ohio Heroin Addicts?

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Inpatient drug rehab in Ohio

It seems like a big commitment, but inpatient drug rehab in Ohio is sometimes the best and safest choice for people addicted to heroin. Detoxification from heroin is multilayered, uncomfortable, and often painful. For some, going it alone without the caring supervision of a trained medical team can be dangerous. Although it is possible to … Read More