What Makes Cocaine So Addictive?

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Getting treatment for cocaine addiction will have positive impacts on your body and your mind. What makes cocaine such a concern for people who are struggling with a substance use disorder? Cocaine can quickly lead to problems with both your body and your brain. Fortunately, even though it is addictive, there are ways to get … Read More

How to Treat a Benzo Overdose

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Benzos — short for benzodiazepines — are a specific type of medication used as a sedative. Also referred to as tranquilizers, benzos come in various brand names, including Valium and Xanax. They are commonly prescribed by physicians, and when used properly, they can be effective at alleviating anxiety, panic attacks, seizures and alcohol withdrawal. However, … Read More

Top Addiction Treatment Medications Used in Ohio

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What kinds of medication can you expect to take during addiction treatment? As you seek addiction treatment, it helps to understand the process. Knowing more about what you are going to experience will help you feel more confident and capable of managing it all. Medications Used During Treatment Addiction occurs, in part, because substances stimulate … Read More

Is There a Relationship Between Binge Eating and Addiction?

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How can you start to eat the right amounts of healthy foods? Is binge eating disorder connected to substance use disorder? While a direct cause-and-effect relationship does not link the two, binge eating is an eating disorder that can develop from some of the same causes as substance use disorder. Substance misuse can also lead … Read More

How Addictive Is Dilaudid?

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There is a reason why specific instructions are provided when prescription medication is given to patients. Patients need to know exactly how to take medication, what doses to take, how frequently the medication should be consumed, and when to stop taking it. Misusing medication can put a person at risk of experiencing adverse reactions and … Read More

How Dangerous Is It to Stop Taking Vicodin Abruptly?

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Medical support can make a difference during Vicodin detox. Are you experiencing unhealthy Vicodin use or are worried that you are addicted to Vicodin? While you may have started using Vicodin to treat pain, you can become dependent on this drug, needing more of it to achieve the same effects. While Vicodin dependence can be … Read More

How to Identify and Treat a Valium Overdose

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Do you know the signs of a Valium overdose? Substance use disorders involving Valium are a growing problem. Like many prescription drugs, if you take too much Valium or use it in a manner other than prescribed by a doctor, you could experience an overdose. What Is Valium? Also known by the generic name diazepam, … Read More

Common Hydrocodone Withdrawal Symptoms and How to Treat Them

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You can achieve a successful recovery with the assistance of doctors and therapists. When you have a substance use disorder, the idea of withdrawal can be scary. Fortunately, there is a lot of support for this process when you are in a recovery center. If you are considering stopping hydrocodone use, there are various symptoms … Read More

Treating Traumatic Brain Injury and Addiction Concurrently

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Playing sports puts you at risk of ongoing small traumatic brain injuries. Addiction frequently occurs in tandem with physical injuries or mental health challenges. People who experience a traumatic brain injury (TBI) may develop a substance use disorder. Inversely, people with substance use disorders can end up with a TBI that changes the way that … Read More

Stress Disorders and Addiction: Exploring the Connection

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Stress disorders can contribute to the development of addiction, which makes it imperative to treat both issues simultaneously to achieve long-term sobriety. There are many aspects of drug addiction, and the reasons why people become addicted to certain drugs or alcohol vary. Mental health conditions are often deeply intertwined with substance use disorders, and each … Read More