First Ohio Recovery School Slated to Open in Autumn

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Columbus is slated to open a high school dedicated to helping students recovering from substance abuse. The people behind Heartland High School are working diligently to get state approval to launch the first “recovery high school” in Ohio, dedicated to supporting students who are recovering from drug and alcohol abuse.

Adolescents in high school deal with a lot of social pressures in their lives, and given the fact that their frontal lobe is still in its developmental stages at this age, teenagers do not have the ability to control impulses and make sound decisions the way adults do. That is why this particular demographic is more vulnerable to peer pressure when it comes to trying and taking drugs.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), about 70 percent of senior high school students have tried alcohol, and 50 percent have abused an illicit drug. Further, about nine out of 10 Americans who have been diagnosed as addicts started drinking, smoking, or using some other type of drug before the age of 18.

For many families who have been directly impacted by their own loved ones getting hooked on drugs, this school has been a long time in coming.

There are already about 40 recovery high schools across the US, and many more are being proposed. Substance abuse and mental health therapists make up part of the school staff, in addition to educators who are specifically trained for this type of student demographic.

What is a Recovery High School?

A recovery high school is a specific type of high school that is geared toward helping students recover from various forms of substance abuse. Each school has its own specific focus based on community needs, but they all tend to share the same traits and goals.

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The growing recovery high school movement is meant to provide ongoing education to recovering students about how to deal with life’s stresses without having to reach for drugs as a means of self-medicating following Ohio drug and alcohol rehab. Students are also taught appropriate problem-solving skills required to deal with issues in a healthy and productive way.

Recovery schools also provide support for families who need to learn how to live with loved ones who are addicted as well as how to provide a healthy environment at home that is conducive to a drug-free existence.

Why Are Recovery High Schools Needed and How Can Students Benefit?

Recovery high schools essentially give teenagers a second chance after being taken over by their drug or alcohol addiction. While there are the traditional types of treatment for addicts, many alternatives are emerging, including recovery high schools, which are giving adolescent addicts a glimmer of hope.

While Ohio drug and alcohol rehab is certainly extremely useful in helping addicts safely detox and learn how to live life without having to be dependent on drugs or alcohol, relapsing is very common if students are placed back into the same toxic environment they were in before they entered rehab. Recovery high schools help to provide a much healthier and safer environment to integrate into once Ohio drug and alcohol rehab has been successfully completed.

If you have a teenager in your life who is struggling with drugs or alcohol, there are many Ohio substance abuse treatment resources you can look into, including The Recovery Village. Contact us today to learn more.