What Happens to Your Job When You Go To Ohio Drug Rehab?

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It is an unfortunate reality that many people suffering from an addiction avoid help. One of the primary concerns is whether a stay in an Ohio drug rehab center will result in the loss of a job.

The Family and Medical Leave Act prohibits firing a person for entering treatment if inpatient care is required. However, there is a caveat. The employer may legally terminate employment for other reasons, such as enforcing a substance abuse policy if the policy is already in place.

There are many substance abuse treatment options including inpatient and outpatient care. Chances are, there is one that leads to sobriety and will not threaten your livelihood in the process.

What Ohio Drug Rehab Options are Available?

Detoxification is the first step to sobriety. It may be an intense experience, both emotionally and physically. Medically-assisted detox gives you the support you need when you need it most. You can expect round-the-clock medical care, medications to help manage withdrawal symptoms, nutritious food, and a peaceful, comfortable environment. Counseling and massage therapy may also help.

From there, you have several levels of care. While these stages of care are intended to flow one level to the next, not everyone in recovery shares the same needs.

  • Residential rehabilitation: medical care 24 hours a day living in the facility. This works for people who are at their most vulnerable, who are newly out of detox and need a safe environment.
  • Partial hospitalization: medical care on-site during the day, returning home at night. This is a good choice for people who are progressing through treatment or who have a strong support system at home.
  • Intensive outpatient¬†program: offers more independence while providing a strong support network. This level of treatment allows you to live on- or off-site as long as you participate in daily facility activities.
  • Outpatient treatment: for people who are 100 percent committed to recovery and have a strong support network at home. Patients live in their own home and travel to the treatment center throughout the week for therapy sessions and relapse prevention.

What Should You Expect When You Return to Work?

It is difficult to make the decision to enter rehab. It is equally tough to return to work knowing that co-workers will ask questions.

The first question is likely to be your whereabouts for the last several weeks. It is your choice whether or not to divulge personal information. If you choose to tell your story, expect mixed reactions. Some co-workers may be supportive. Others may not.

Some people in recovery say they are comfortable sharing the truth. Remember that the Family and Medical Leave Act protects you even if you do not share your story. Your stay at a facility such as The Recovery Village Columbus is yours to share or keep private, as you wish.

How Can You Avoid Work-Related Issues that Threaten Sobriety?

Another issue with returning to work is the possible temptations you will face. In some industries, substance abuse is quite common. Your co-workers may be a poor influence and you might find it difficult to resist. You will learn helpful coping mechanisms for this in treatment.

Going back to work also brings stress. For weeks, you have focused only on your health and well-being. At work, you will face deadlines, clients, customers, and co-workers; you may even begin to question your career choice. That is not uncommon, but it is recommended that you talk it over with your counselor and wait a while to make major career decisions.

Finally, if you have battled with addiction for a long time, you might have some amends to make in the workplace. Your personality might be different after treatment. If you have stepped on toes or shirked work duties in the past, consider this your fresh start to prove that you have changed.

Worrying about your job is one of the most rational concerns for anyone entering an Ohio drug treatment center. ¬†Federal law protects you if you need residential care. Your company’s policy on substance abuse may intervene, but always remember that rehab is a fresh start. Even without job security after rehab, you will finally have a healthy life ahead. You can make it what you wish.

If you are suffering from addiction, an Ohio drug rehab treatment program can turn your life around and get you headed in the right direction toward recovery. Contact us today to learn about admission and all of the options available.