How to Handle Cocaine Withdrawal in Ohio

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Cocaine is one of the most abused central nervous system stimulants and is a major cause of the diabolical disease known as addiction. This illicit drug can cause severe medical issues in addicts such as heart attack, heartbeat irregularities, seizure, calcium and vitamin D deficiency, and renal disease.

Making the decision to stop using cocaine is a big step toward a brighter and healthier future. However, deciding to try cocaine withdrawal outside the confines of an accredited Ohio drug rehab with medical detox facilities can be risky and harmful to your well-being. Just because you have struggled with cocaine usage alone does not mean you have to overcome the addiction alone. This thought process can be dangerous, even fatal. There is a better, safer, and more successful way to handle cocaine withdrawal in Ohio.

Cocaine will remain in your system for approximately three days after initial ingestion. However, this length of time is extended to up to three months for those who are extremely dependent. Thus, the withdrawal period can vary based on how habitual a user you are at the time of stopping cocaine. The average time for acute withdrawal is seven to 21 days. Keep in mind that this is just an average. If the addiction at hand is extremely excessive, this time period can be extended indefinitely.

Symptoms of cocaine withdrawal can include suicidal thoughts, depression, anxious feelings, lethargy, hunger, and agitated behavior. Going through these symptoms without the professional assistance of an Ohio drug rehab can exacerbate a co-occurring disorder, making the withdrawal symptoms more intense and harmful.

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With the plethora of issues that accompany cocaine use and its subsequent withdrawal, it is imperative to have medical and mental health professionals on site to handle any emergencies or crisis situations that could arise. Medically, cardiac distress could occur at any time and, if not immediately treated, could lead to heart attack or even death. Permanent damage to the heart is also possible, which could lead to more health issues down the road even if you are clean and sober.

Mentally, depression and suicidal thoughts could become so intense that, unsupervised, they could result in self-harm or harm to others. Agitated states can lead someone to make impulsive and destructive decisions that could result in legal ramifications. This vicious cycle can continue endlessly unless there are certified medical and mental health professionals available to help.

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There is no shame in asking for help from others during this trying time. Choosing to stop cocaine is incredibly brave and you do not need to prove your bravery any further by choosing to suffer through cocaine withdrawal alone. Ohio drug rehab programs provide a safe haven to battle this disease with the qualified help you deserve. Additionally, there are many Ohio addiction treatment resources to further help you conquer cocaine withdrawal and be on the road to recovery. Do not wait; contact us today and let us help you have your best chance at long-term recovery.