Is Telemedicine a Good Fit for Addiction Treatment?

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Technology has made just about everything in life easier, so it should come as no surprise that it is now playing a role in the world of addiction treatment.

“Telemedicine” is a revolutionary concept that has been playing an increasingly popular role in treating those who suffer from substance use disorder. There are plenty of benefits for both patients and healthcare providers in the realm of addiction and telemedicine. Patients can gain easier access to the treatment and support they need, while providers can continue to offer their support while being compensated through insurance coverage.

What Exactly Is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine basically involves the communication and interaction of both a patient and their healthcare provider via video call. It requires the use of technology to foster such connection and communication.

But telemedicine goes much deeper than just a video chat. A lot goes into telemedicine to make the interaction between patient and physician work, including scheduling and transferring patients’ health records before a consultation.

The healthcare provider will also have to study the information provided before the interaction can occur to ensure that the proper advice and support are provided. During the appointment, any input and advice provided must adhere to regulations put forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

What Role Does Telemedicine Play in Addiction Treatment?

Many people who battle substance use disorder may have access to treatment centers and the Ohio addiction treatment resources needed to get help, but many others do not. That is where telemedicine can prove to be extremely helpful.

One of the most compelling use cases for telemedicine addiction treatment has to do with the convenience factor. By providing an easier and more convenient way to interact with treatment providers, patients can get the help they need without the typical barriers they may have traditionally faced with addiction treatment.

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People who are not located near reputable treatment centers can still reach out for help remotely thanks to technology.

As of today, approximately half of all states have legislation that allows insurance providers to cover telemedical services, including those that fall under the addiction umbrella. In turn, insurers will find such laws useful as telemedicine continues to provide more comprehensive and accurate information about what is working to treat addiction.

The technology that telemedicine offers is already proving to be important in the world of addiction treatment. As time goes on, it will likely continue to play an increasingly important role. In fact, providers will probably have to adopt some form of telemedicine in order to keep up with the needs and demands of patients as well as insurance providers.

Is Telemedicine Right For You?

If you are battling addiction, perhaps receiving help through telemedicine may prove to be helpful for you. Telemedicine can help resolve some issues that may get in the way of receiving help for addiction, such as a lack of flexibility and access.

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