Morphine Addiction in Ohio: Where to Turn for Help

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Are you an Ohio resident struggling with morphine addiction? Do you often think about quitting but find yourself concerned about missing time from work, worried about treatment expenses, or even just confused about where and how to begin? If this sounds like you, please continue to read, because this article discusses how to recognize the signs of addiction and find your appropriate treatment option to kick your morphine habit once and for all. 

Recognizing Morphine Addiction

For many, morphine addiction begins when they are introduced to the drug as a pain management prescription after an illness or injury. They may become dependent over time, long after the medical need has ended or they may continue to use morphine to manage chronic pain instead of less harmful, non-habit-forming treatment options. For friends and loved ones of morphine addicts, the signs of addiction are not always easy to recognize. However, if you are observant, you may observe some of the following symptoms.

  • Dilated pupils
  • Nodding off at inappropriate times
  • Slurred speech or sluggishness
  • Inattention or disaffection with the world
  • Shallow or labored breathing  

Dangers of Morphine Addiction

While often administered via tablet or syrup, morphine is most often taken intravenously, making it a popular alternative to street heroin or other injectable opioids. Injecting morphine directly into the bloodstream provides a rush of euphoria that is more intense than other dosage methods, flooding the brain with dopamine and bringing on a sense of well-being, warmth, and relaxation. Morphine numbs the user to the outside world and makes the user sometimes dangerously unresponsive to external stimuli.

If abused in excess, or over an extended period, the effects of morphine can be debilitating or even lethal. Morphine tolerance can develop shockingly fast, making it so that users have to use more and more to get the same high. When they try to quit or cut back, they may go into severe withdrawal, making it harder to kick the habit. This often leads to a more severe addiction. However, the most significant risk of morphine abuse is an overdose. It is a potent depressant, which can slow breathing to the point of death. 

Getting Help

Do not wait for your addiction to get severe to seek the help you desperately need. There is no need to be afraid of addiction treatment. If you are an Ohio resident and you or any of your loved ones are struggling with morphine abuse, there are many resources at your disposal. At the Recovery Village Columbus, our on-staff addiction specialists are with you every step of the way to help you quit drugs and stay clean for the rest of your life.

We tailor your treatment plan to your unique needs and circumstances, guaranteeing the least disruption to your life as possible and maximizing results. However, sometimes it is better to leave behind the triggers and stressors of your day-to-day life and engage in in-patient therapy, where you can recover with minimal distractions and maximum support. 

Contact the Recovery Village Columbus today to learn about admission and find the treatment option that works best for your personal circumstance.