Ohio County Drug Court Aims to Help Addicts and Families

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What is a drug court? While it might sound like a way to punish those who use drugs, a drug court is anything but that. In fact, it is a way for those in Ohio and around the country to work through the challenges of addiction and restore their relationships with their families. What is a drug court, and do you need it?

What is a Drug Court?

According to the Bureau of Justice, 17 percent of those in custody are there because they committed a crime to get money for drugs. The vast majority of those who have mental health challenges in jail are also addicted. Addiction is a huge risk factor for criminal offenses, and it can also damage family life.

A drug court focuses on the health aspects of addiction rather than only focusing on the crime and its usual punishment. With the support of the judicial system, health care and rehabilitation professionals, participants in a drug court undertake a program that could lead to their rehabilitation.

What is the Ohio County Drug Court?

According to Juvenile Court, the Hamilton County Family Drug Court began operating in 2002. Its goal is to address the family issues that occur when a member of the family is addicted to drugs. Every participant gets a participant handbook and agreement. To graduate from the program, participants must attend treatment and aftercare. Since the program is designed to keep families together, the participants must also show progress in this area, showing movement toward a better family system and recovery of those relationships as well.

Why Are Drug Courts Important?

According to CityBeat, “the number of children entering foster care in Ohio has skyrocketed, and that about half of those kids need help due to abuse and neglect associated with parental drug abuse.” If a parent can survive addiction and get help, then it is possible that these families could come together once again. Children who grow up with their families have better outcomes than those who are in foster care, but those families need to be stable and healthy. Drug court is one step toward achieving this goal. 

Ohio drug rehab

Look for a rehab program that involves various supports including therapy and aftercare.

Alternatives to Drug Court

Many people offend because they are looking for money for drugs; however, not all those who are addicted turn to crime. For those who are struggling with addiction but who are not part of the court system, there are still strong Ohio drug rehab programs. Look for a program that focuses on diverse treatment options and a continuum of treatment. For example, the Recovery Village Columbus offers treatment from medical assistance with the immediate symptoms of withdrawal to outpatient rehab and aftercare. Patients are able to spend their entire time in treatment working with the same location and pursuing therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy and treatment for co-occurring conditions such as anxiety and depression.

At Advanced Recovery Systems, we work to help you move forward in your work to overcome addiction. We offer Ohio drug rehab options for those who want to keep their work, their families, and their lives moving down a positive path. Contact us today for more information about our treatment options.