What is an Ohio Dry Drunk?

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You may have abstained from alcohol, but are you truly sober? Surprisingly, you may still be expressing the same dysfunctional behaviors and habits that you did before you started Ohio alcohol rehab, despite your abstinence from booze.

What Is a “Dry Drunk”?

In the world of alcoholism, many who have once struggled with this disease may have unknowingly become a “dry drunk.” This is essentially someone who might no longer use alcohol but still behaves similarly to how they did when they were still deeply immersed in alcoholism. Much is left to do to change their negative thoughts and behaviors.

A dry drunk may have kicked the disease and even made strides to change their lifestyle, but unfortunately ended up gradually going back to the same destructive and unhealthy ways of acting and thinking. Not only is addiction about the actual use of alcohol or drugs, but also the learned behaviors tied to the disease.

You do not want to be a slave to the disease even after you have managed to abstain from alcohol. Yet being a dry drunk means you still are enslaved. So, how can you avoid becoming a dry drunk while in Ohio alcohol rehab? Here are some definitive steps you should take to make sure you do not go down this path.

Ways to Avoid Becoming a Dry Drunk

Not only are you making an effort to stay away from alcoholism to improve your physical health, but to improve your mental and emotional health too. There is no sense in being considered sober on paper if you are still going to suffer in silence with the same feelings and behaviors that accompanied your addiction. Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to make sure you do not become a dry drunk at any point throughout your rehabilitation.

Be dedicated to your recovery. Getting sober is absolutely a difficult task to undertake. It takes a lot of strength and willpower to stay away from the very thing that you have depended on to self-medicate all these years. Considering the magnitude of such an endeavor, it is critical that you make a real commitment to continuing your progress throughout recovery.

Not only does this involve avoiding alcohol, but also adopting a new set of behaviors and thought patterns that will see you through the process. Do not allow yourself to get stuck at any point in your sobriety. It is at these vulnerable phases that turning into a dry drunk becomes very possible.

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You will likely hit a few snags along the way in your Ohio alcohol rehab, but you need to deal with them head-on and keep moving. It is vital that you continue to push through and continue to dedicate yourself to what is probably the most important thing you will ever do in your life. Never take your eyes off the prize.

Be conscious of negative thoughts. Pessimism has a way of inviting itself into the minds and thoughts of recovering addicts. Unfortunately, such negative thinking can do nothing but harm and cause you to start behaving in old ways again. It is very important that you remain vigilant and are aware of any pessimism that you may be feeling or thinking before it is given the chance to completely take over your emotions.

Sure, you are going to have a bad day here and there, but if you notice that such negativity has become a mainstay, you are more at risk for becoming a dry drunk. The key is to nip that pessimism in the bud before it is given a chance to take hold of your thought patterns and behaviors over the long run.

Be part of a recovery group. Participating in regular support group meet-ups is absolutely essential to the addict’s recovery process. Meeting face-to-face with others suffering from the same disease and with professionals who understand your issues is extremely helpful. Being a part of such groups will keep you accountable and will help you pinpoint any behaviors you might not have noticed yourself. The feedback you will receive can be exactly what you need to make sure you do not become a dry drunk.

Keep a journal. Jotting your thoughts down is not only a therapeutic and harmless way of letting out your emotions, it is also a great way to help you identify any patterns that are indicative of a dry drunk. Write in your journal every day, and go back and reread your entries. You may be able to see a pattern of which you may not have been aware. This will give you a chance to recognize your behaviors and make the necessary changes.

Final Thoughts

You have come a long way with your Ohio alcohol rehab, so why jeopardize it now? The life of a recovering addict does not end the moment you put the bottle down. It is a lifestyle that needs to be maintained, and that means a little work and effort is involved. Make sure you stay aware of your behaviors and thought patterns, and take the necessary steps to avoid the “dry drunk” label.

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