3 Common Barriers to Addiction Treatment in Ohio

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Ohio has one of the highest rates of opioid-related overdose deaths in the United States. More than 13 people in Ohio die every day from a drug overdose, and the rate continues to climb. According to a state report, drug deaths in Ohio increased to 4,854 in 2017, up from 4,050 overdose deaths in 2016, … Read More

Should You Tell Your Children About a Past Addiction?

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No matter what stage of recovery you are in, talking to your children about drugs and alcohol can feel awkward and even intimidating. If you are sober now, it is tempting to avoid telling your children about your addiction, particularly if you did not have children when you had a substance use disorder. However, telling … Read More

Is Neurofeedback an Effective Tool For Addiction Recovery?

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Addiction¬†afflicts millions of people, and it is something that can be extremely difficult to overcome on your own. Without timely treatment, those who deal with addiction can become lost in their drug or alcohol misuse and even lose their lives as a result. That is why treatment is so important. Treatment, however, does not always … Read More

Butler County, Ohio, Declared a High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

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It is an achievement that no one wants. Recently, Butler County, Ohio, has been designated as a high-intensity drug trafficking area (HIDTA). According to WCPO, “Butler County was one of 10 HIDTAs designated across the country.” What does it mean to receive this designation, and what are Butler County and the state of Ohio doing … Read More

Successful Addiction Recovery Is a Journey

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Achieving successful recovery following an addiction to drugs or alcohol requires a lot more than just completing a treatment program. To maintain recovery over the long haul, a lifetime of effort is required. No ‘Cure’ for Addiction There is not an acute “cure” for addiction, although there are certainly plenty of success stories of people … Read More

Are Sober Houses and Halfway Houses the Same Thing?

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For those overcoming addiction, specific arrangements can be made for addiction aftercare when treatment has completed in order to ensure they continue with their sobriety. The terms “halfway houses” and “sober living houses” are terms that are often used to refer to living arrangements for those completing treatment. Even though these terms are often used … Read More

Can You Meditate Your Way Out of Addiction?

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Can sitting quietly really treat addiction? The realm of addiction treatment has many different areas to explore, and as you look for alternatives to treat substance misuse, one idea that you will likely come across is the idea of mindfulness and meditation. Is it true that mindfulness practices can help with substance misuse and long-term … Read More

Is Willpower Enough to Fight Addiction?

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“Why can’t you just stop using?” “You need to be stronger to resist doing drugs.” “Just use your willpower and you can stop.” These are just some of the statements that those suffering from addiction often hear from others. There is a misconception that a person who continues to give in to their temptations to … Read More

Ohio Kids Flood Foster Care System as Opioid Addiction Rates Rise

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Opioid addiction has been a serious and growing issue in Ohio for years now. The face of that epidemic is usually that of those who are addicted. Families mourn overdoses, and people struggle with substance misuse and move into sobriety. However, there is another side of the opioid addiction crisis, and this involves the children … Read More