Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome and Ohio’s Babies

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Pregnant belly

In the United States, a baby is born with neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) every 25 minutes as a result of drug use throughout pregnancy. In fact, the use of opioids in pregnancy has dramatically increased over the past two decades, causing a significant rise in the number of babies that are born suffering from withdrawal … Read More

Is Willpower Enough to Fight Addiction?

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Hand refusing a cigarette

“Why can’t you just stop using?” “You need to be stronger to resist doing drugs.” “Just use your willpower and you can stop.” These are just some of the statements that those suffering from addiction often hear from others. There is a misconception that a person who continues to give in to their temptations to … Read More

CDC Report Sounds the Alarm about American Opioid Use

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What is the state of opioid addiction in the US? Recently, a CDC report provided a snapshot of this serious and growing problem. Is the fight against overdose deaths working, or does the US continue to have more and more overdose deaths each year? What Does the CDC Report Show? While data from more recent … Read More

Exploring the Dangers of Bath Salts

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There are a number of different drugs out there that can cause addiction, but some are not as well known as others. Case in point: bath salts. Not to be confused with the Epsom salts that people often add to their bath water in an effort to relax and unwind, bath salts used to get … Read More

Understanding Percocet Addiction

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Percocet is a type of painkiller that many people use to alleviate severe pain. Whether from an injury, chronic medical issue, or surgery, some pain can be so intense that traditional over-the-counter medication simply does not work. In these cases, physicians may prescribe much stronger medications like Percocet in order to help mask the pain. … Read More

Ohio Residents Ask: Will I Be Bored in Rehab?

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Will you be bored in rehab? If you enter rehab due to a crisis, you might not consider whether you will be bored. However, if you are trying to prevent a crisis from happening and your friends and family members have suggested that you enter residential treatment for substance use, then you might wonder what … Read More

What Is EMDR and How Is It Used in Ohio Drug Rehab?

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Just about everyone experiences some level of trauma at some point throughout their lives. Whether they were the victim of abuse, lost a loved one too soon, or have been involved in a traumatic accident, such incidences can have lasting negative effects on a person’s emotional and mental state. PTSD and Substance Abuse While many … Read More

Toledo’s Battle with Heroin and Fentanyl: Where We Are Now

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Woman in a therapy session.

The state of Ohio was second only to West Virginia in the number of drug overdose deaths per capita in 2016. That year, Ohio reported 39.1 overdose deaths per 100,000 people, nearly twice the national rate of 19.8 per 100,000. In Lucas County, the rate was 24.1 per 100,000 people—lower than the state average, yet … Read More

Can Couples Therapy Help You Fight Addiction?

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Couple in a counseling session.

When a loved one is fighting addiction, it can be hard to maintain a relationship and manage that addiction at the same time. Can you really engage in couples counseling when one person is an addict—or when both people in the relationship are struggling with addiction? Addiction counseling and couples therapy can complement each other. … Read More

City on the Edge: A Closer Look at Cleveland Drug Trends

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City skyline.

Cleveland might be the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but unfortunately, social issues such as drug trafficking, drug addiction, and overdose deaths have been rocking the city as well. As drug use such as the opioid crisis becomes more acute in cities across the United States, how do Cleveland drug trends … Read More