Why Combating Stigma Is Part of the Fight Against Addiction

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For years, society has stigmatized addiction. No matter who experiences a substance use disorder, shame is usually part of addiction’s debilitating effects. This can contribute to the burden of a substance use disorder. A Lack of Understanding Contributes to Stigma The truth is, many people do not fully understand addiction. They believe that it is … Read More

Common Gateway Drugs

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What is a gateway drug? Is that concept even valid? Whether you are a parent of a teen in Ohio or you are worried about a friend or a family member, here is how you can understand and help manage addiction by learning more about the drugs that can provide a gateway into future drug … Read More

Should Ohio Moms-to-Be Smoke Pot?

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Marijuana has been used medicinally and is now legal in some states. Does this mean that it is a good idea to smoke when you are pregnant? If you are considering smoking pot when you are pregnant to reduce pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, know that this also comes with risks. The Challenges of … Read More

Using Alcohol to Ease Chronic Pain? Why It’s a Bad Idea in Ohio

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Many people turn to alcohol to ease their chronic pain. In fact, people have been using alcohol to alleviate their pain for centuries, as alcohol has been known to have a numbing effect on the body. Studies have long confirmed that alcohol can lower pain, and more recent research has found that over one-quarter of … Read More

Ohio Addicts Straining Emergency Rooms across the State

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The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says Ohio is one of the hardest hit states for opioid dependence and deaths due to overdose. Emergency rooms throughout the Buckeye State work under pressure as more people with addiction problems seek urgent care. Education, helpful programs, overdose intervention, and drug rehab in Ohio are all … Read More