Treating Co-Occurring Bipolar Disorder in Ohio Drug Rehab

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As if mental health issues and substance abuse were not tough enough to deal with on their own, combining the two can make life extremely difficult. Anyone who suffers from both a mental health issue as well as a substance abuse problem is considered to have a co-occurring disorder.

Dealing with substance abuse is never easy, but it is much more difficult when you are also battling a mental health problem, like bipolar disorder. The good news is that there is hope in the form of Ohio drug rehab treatment programs that can help you get on the road to recovery.

How Are Mental Health and Substance Abuse Associated With One Another?

With co-occurring disorders, the mental health issue and addiction each come with their own set of symptoms that can debilitate a person and impede the ability to function properly. To make matters worse, each issue involved in the co-occurring disorder negatively impacts the other.

It is not uncommon for substance abuse issues to become exacerbated when mental health issues go unaddressed and unresolved. The opposite is also often true; when substance abuse is left untreated, mental health issues like bipolar disorder often worsen too.

In fact, about half of people who suffer from severe mental health issues also suffer from substance abuse. As many as half of drug abusers are diagnosed with a serious mental illness.

People who struggle with co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders are at greater risk for physical harm and overall health issues. Even though substance abuse and mental health issues like bipolar disorder are closely related to each other, one does not necessarily directly cause the other. The cause and effect can go both ways.

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With the appropriate treatment protocol, co-occurring disorders can be effectively treated.

Many people might abuse alcohol or drugs to deal with their symptoms of bipolar disorder. But substance abuse can often worsen the symptoms of their mental health issues. By the same token, abusing alcohol and drugs can lead to an increased risk for mental disorders.

Certainly, substance abuse issues and mental health problems like bipolar disorder can become much worse when each of them is neglected. That is why it is so important that each issue is addressed appropriately and the proper steps are taken to treat the individual suffering from a co-occurring disorder as quickly as possible to alleviate the negative symptoms that come with such a situation.

How Can Ohio Drug Rehab Help?

Mental health issues like bipolar disorder and substance abuse problems will not disappear on their own if they are ignored. The only way to improve the situation is to deal with the problems head-on with the help and support of a reputable Ohio drug rehab facility. With medical supervision and support staff, you can get the help you need to combat both bipolar disorder and substance use disorder and finally start living a healthier, more fulfilling life.

At The Recovery Village, we can offer you a fully integrated approach to deal with both your substance abuse issue and bipolar disorder at the same time. Help is here. Contact us today to learn more.