What Kind of Mental Health Pros Work in Drug Rehab?

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Who can you expect to encounter when you attend a drug rehab program? Mental health professionals are dedicated to helping you become sober. Who are they, and what role could they play in your recovery?

The Experience of Addiction Treatment in an Ohio Drug Rehab

If you’ve never experienced rehab before, you might wonder who you’ll meet and who will be supporting you in your recovery. There are many different health and mental health professionals who are there to support you in the short and long term.

At the beginning of your stay, you might need the assistance of people who are more focused on the physical side of addiction. These medical professionals will help you move off drugs and alcohol in the safest possible manner, allowing you to transition into a phase when you can focus on your emotional and mental health.

While you’ll have holistic support during your detox process, after you’ve moved through the initial withdrawal, your team of mental health professionals becomes the most prominent team. These mental health pros include:

  • Core clinical staff who offer help with crises, nursing and case management. These include counselors and group therapists. They can also include those who are supporting you with alternative therapies such as art therapy, recreation, meditation, dance, nutritional counseling and equine therapy.
  • Administrators who help plan your treatment or manage other staff. While you might not be in regular contact with them, they help shape and maintain the programs that support you in treatment.
  • Support staff who will work on specific needs that you have for your mental or physical health. These include people who are working with you on employment counseling, doing psychological testing for diagnoses such as anxiety, or working with you in a position more focused on your physical health, such as acupuncture or massage.
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Other therapists such as art therapists can help you with your addiction through positive creativity.

How You Will Engage With Different People in Ohio Drug Rehab

Your treatment will be designed for you, so your experience will be unique to your specific needs. However, you can expect to interact with some of these people in Ohio drug rehab:

  • Therapists who are experts in cognitive behavioral or dialectical therapy, who can help you create new ways to manage addiction
  • Substance abuse counselors who will focus on strategies for sobriety
  • Group therapists who act as facilitators for group exploration of addiction and recovery
  • Specialists who combine a background in art, recreation or other positive activities
  • Specialists in specific areas, such as eating disorders or mental health. If you’re experiencing a dual diagnosis, these specialists will understand your situation and your challenges and help you move toward mental and physical health with a full understanding of your dual diagnosis

The Recovery Village Columbus is focused on creating a world-class addiction treatment center, supporting you in your efforts to achieve long-term healing. Talk with a representative to see how The Recovery Village can help you move away from dependence on drugs and alcohol and into a strong, well-supported future.