Reaching out for help is the first step toward recovering from a drug addiction, but taking this step can be scary since it comes with so many unknowns. Fortunately, a drug addiction hotline can answer questions that you have about addiction treatment and put some of your fears at ease. Before you call, it can be helpful to learn more about what to expect when you contact a drug addiction hotline. 

What Is The Recovery Village Addiction Hotline?

An addiction hotline provides support and options for those who are using, abusing or addicted to drugs. Each hotline has its own charter and goals, but all are committed to helping end drug addiction.

The Recovery Village addiction helpline is led by helpful representatives awaiting your call. Many of our helpline operators and facility employees are also in recovery, so they can empathize and help you or a loved one navigate this journey comfortably.

Alcohol and drugs stripped everything away from me. I know I wanted to be heard. I felt like nobody understood, so it’s good to be able to say I do understand.

– Stephanie, The Recovery Village Helpline Operator, in recovery since 2013

Watch her story:

Your call is free, and the conversation is 100% confidential. Our drug and alcohol hotline is always available to you or a loved one 24/7/365. Call us today and join the over 20,000 others we’ve helped into recovery.

(844) 484-0321 or Learn more about our admissions process.

Why Should I Call The Recovery Village’s Hotline?

If you are seeking information about addiction treatment services for yourself or a loved one, The Recovery Village Hotline can offer you caring, confidential assistance. Our helpline staff members are standing by 24 hours a day, and we can provide you with information about our full range of treatment services. 

If you’re ready, we can also assist you with beginning the admissions process over the phone, allowing you to enter treatment and begin your journey toward recovery. Our hotline staff genuinely wants to see you recover, and your phone call is 100% free. 

Am I Addicted?

When someone seeks treatment for an addiction, treatment staff will diagnose a substance use disorder — the clinical term for addiction. Signs that you may have a substance use disorder include:

  • Experiencing strong drug cravings
  • Being unable to stop or reduce drug use, even if you desire to do so
  • Giving up other activities in favor of drug use
  • Having difficulty fulfilling responsibilities at work because of drug use
  • Continuing to use drugs, even when it causes problems in important personal relationships
  • Using drugs even though it is dangerous or contributes to a health problem
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when not using drugs
  • Using larger quantities of drugs than intended or needing larger quantities to get the desired effect
  • Spending a significant amount of time using drugs

These signs suggest that a person has lost control of their drug use and would benefit from speaking with an addiction hotline about treatment options. 


When Should I Call a Helpline?

If you or a loved one is experiencing a life-threatening situation, such as a drug overdose, please call 911 immediately. If you’re not in a life-threatening situation and are seeking treatment for addiction, it is time to call a helpline. Our 24-hour-a-day, 7-days-a-week drug addiction helpline is catered to people who are in this position, and we can provide you with information about available treatment options.

If I Call, What Questions Will They Ask?

When you call a helpline, staff will ask you questions to determine your situation and what level of assistance you are seeking. They will likely ask if you are safe before proceeding with the phone call. They will then ask questions regarding what type of addiction you’re living with (drugs, alcohol, multiple drugs, etc.) and whether you’re ready to start treatment.

When you call our hotline, we will provide you with information about our treatment options and ask if one of them will meet your needs.

What Questions Should I Ask When Calling an Addiction Hotline?

When you call an addiction hotline, you might consider asking questions such as:

  • What sort of treatment options do you have?
  • What can I expect from addiction treatment?
  • How long does addiction treatment last?
  • Are there programs that my insurance will cover?
If I Call, Is the Conversation Confidential?

The Recovery Village’s 24-hour, toll-free drug addiction helpline is 100% confidential. In many cases, hotline calls are confidential, but some hotlines may have a policy of breaking confidentiality to contact local authorities in the case of an emergency. When contacting hotlines or other resources, we encourage you to ask the representative to answer any questions you have about confidentiality.

Can I Start the Rehab Process at the Time of My Call?

The purpose of our helpline is to find a thoughtful approach to recovery through our programs and services. So, if you call our drug helpline, the answer is an emphatic “Yes!” You can certainly start your rehab, detox or recovery process at the time of your call. Our helpline staff can begin the admissions process with you so you can begin treatment promptly.

Our helpline staff can assist you with beginning a treatment program at The Recovery Village Columbus. National hotlines will typically ask questions to get a better understanding of your situation and then direct you to local resources.

Addiction Rehab at The Recovery Village Columbus

If you’re seeking addiction treatment in Ohio, calling our helpline allows you to begin the admissions process for one of our treatment programs. At The Recovery Village Columbus, we offer a full continuum of care that includes medical detox, inpatient treatment, outpatient programs and aftercare support. Our inpatient facility is located on a 6.5-acre campus and offers both indoor and outdoor amenities, including two gyms, an art studio, a rec room and a yoga therapy room. 

Will My Insurance Cover Drug Addiction Rehab in Ohio?

Many insurance plans will cover some of the cost of addiction treatment. However, your individual costs will vary depending on your insurance provider and the type of coverage you have. 

The Recovery Village Columbus is in-network with many different insurance companies, including:

Not Comfortable Making the Call?

If you’re not yet ready to speak with someone via phone about addiction treatment options, we offer the option to fill out an online email form. Visit our contact page to fill out the confidential form, and one of our admissions coordinators will get in touch with you.

These resources are also helpful for people looking for information from a drug addiction helpline: 

Additional Resources

For more information, consider looking into these additional resources, hotlines and recovery services.

Drug-Specific Hotlines

Prescription Drug Abuse Hotline

National Hotlines

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

SAMHSA’s national hotline offers free referral and information services for those facing mental illnesses or substance use disorders.

  • 800-662-HELP(4357)
  • Available 24 hours a day

The National Poison Control Center

The National Poison Control Center offers a free, confidential service where you can speak to poisoning professionals (including cases involving drugs or alcohol).

  • 800-222-1222
  • Available 24 hours a day

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

  • 800-273-TALK (8255)
  • Available 24 hours a day

The National Mental Health Association

  • 800-969-6642
  • Available during business hours


In the United States, 911 is the emergency telephone number to dial to receive an immediate response from local resources. If a situation is life-threatening, you should dial 911 immediately.

  • 911
  • Available 24 hours

Ohio Hotlines

The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services 

This agency provides three hotlines, and its crisis support line is staffed 24/7:

  • Crisis support: 1-800-720-9616
  • Answers to questions about mental health or addiction: 1-614-466-2596
  • Referrals to treatment: 1-877-276-6364

If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, The Recovery Village Columbus can help. Contact us today to learn more about drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs that can work well for you.

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National Institute on Drug Abuse. “The Science of Drug Use and Addiction: The Basics.” July 2, 2018. Accessed June 24, 2022.

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