Wherever you live, it is not unusual to turn on the news and hear a report of opioid abuse and addiction in your area. The numbers are staggering around the country, and Ohio is not immune. With the high number of opioid-related deaths and addiction comes the dire need to help solve this epidemic.

The DART Program 

Law enforcement in Lucas County, Ohio has formed The Drug Abuse Response Team (DART) as a proactive step to address this health crisis. DART focuses on getting help to people that are battling addiction rather than focusing on bringing criminal charges against the addicted. According to WTOL, this program is a way the community can be involved in providing support. Simply arresting those suffering from addiction disorders and putting them in jail is not going to solve the problem; treatment and care are necessary and this program can help provide that personal, compassionate assistance.

ABC Action News reports that in Ohio, on average, eight people die every day from an unintentional drug overdose. This same article reports how much help and effort law enforcement puts forth to help curb this epidemic through the DART program. The goal of the DART initiative is to let those who are addicted know that there is help and there is hope.

For instance, one officer takes the day off from wearing his uniform and instead, he is there for those battling heroin addiction. He drives them to detox appointments and meets them at home. He answers phone calls at any hour. This officer, along with the others heading the DART program, is seeking ways to personally help those addicted. Rather than simply offering jail time to drug offenders with addiction disorders, DART offers valuable support services to address the root of the problem, namely, addiction itself.


While the main goal of the DART program is to help those with addiction overcome and recover, another goal is to get this program expanded into more parts of Ohio as well as other parts of the country. The personal care and compassion that these officers are showing can spread into the community and those addicted have a greater chance at recovery. With what result? Rather than becoming just another statistic, those helped by the DART program can become contributing members of society once again.

Treatment and Support

Addiction is scary and can be overwhelming at times. Finding support and care is one of the first steps to recovery, and knowing that people in the community care can actually save a life.

The most effective way to overcome addiction is with appropriate addiction treatment, and anything that can help someone addicted get that treatment is lifesaving. Programs like DART offer many suffering from addiction disorders the best chance they have to seek addiction treatment and regain a drug-free life.

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