In cities and towns throughout Ohio, including Lima, located in Allen County, there are troubling statistics regarding drug misuse, particularly opioids like heroin and fentanyl. Cities, towns and counties throughout the state are trying to uncover ways to deal with what’s quickly becoming a grim epidemic that often has deadly results. According to the Allen County Coroner’s Office, there was a 21 percent increase in deaths related to drug overdoses in 2016.

Almost all the deaths reported in Lima, Ohio and Allen County were the result of heroin or heroin mixed with other drugs, usually fentanyl. When discussing the spike in deaths related to drug use last year, local representatives pointed out the difficulty the medical community is having when it comes to keeping up with the drug problems plaguing the area.

Officials said constant chemical changes are showing up in the opioids being sold on the streets of Lima and all of Ohio, and it’s becoming tougher to stay ahead of what’s happening. Two other drugs that recently appeared on the streets and also contributed to the rise in unintentional drug-related deaths were carfentanil and sufentanil, which are incredibly potent, much more so than heroin.

Other statistics specific to Allen County and Lima, Ohio are related to not just drugs but also alcohol. For example, 35 percent of high school youth in Allen County were considered current drinkers in a 2014 community health assessment, while 22 percent were defined as binge drinkers.

Seventeen percent of Allen County residents of all ages reported excessively drinking alcohol, and 10 percent of adults said they had taken medicine that wasn’t prescribed to them or taken higher doses than they were prescribed to feel high during the past six months before the survey.

It’s difficult in smaller towns like Lima because residents don’t necessarily feel like help is available to them if they’re struggling with an addiction or substance use disorder, but there are options, both locally and nationally.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers in Lima, Ohio

A drug and alcohol rehabilitation center is the ideal place to turn when you’re facing an addiction problem. Lima, Ohio has a few outpatient mental health facilities where addiction therapy is available, as well as options such as behavioral modification and integrated dual disorders treatment. Some medical centers in Lima, such as Saint Rita’s Medical Center, offer more extensive options such as intensive outpatient and regular outpatient treatment, and partial hospitalization/day treatment. The rehab and mental health options in Lima are either public or privately operated and funded, and the majority are outpatient and day programs.

Outpatient programs mean that the person attending rehab or seeking addiction counseling remains in their normal environment and continues their daily routine for the most part, but they also attend treatment throughout the day or week. Outpatient treatment can be more affordable than inpatient options, but it can be a challenge for people to give recovery their full attention.

Another possibility is an inpatient, residential treatment facility. Most people travel if they’re going to seek residential addiction treatment. By traveling to a facility like The Recovery Village Columbus, patients have access to excellent, constant care, and they can also get more in-depth treatment. For example, drug and alcohol addiction is very complex. There’s usually more than one issue to work through, including co-occurring mental disorders, potential trauma and family relationships.

At an inpatient facility, there is the opportunity to work on all areas of the person in a way that will help them re-enter their life in a more productive, thriving way. If underlying issues like co-occurring mental disorder aren’t addressed during addiction treatment, it’s more likely the person will relapse.

Within the category of residential treatment, there are also long-term and short-term subcategories. With long-term residential treatment, the patient usually receives around-the-clock care in a non-hospital setting. Stays in these programs can range from six to 12 months, but this often includes steps that are made from the inpatient facility to gradual outpatient and sober living options. Treatment in these facilities is very structured and focused on optimal long-term outcomes.

Another option for people in Lima who are facing addiction is to travel to a short-term residential treatment facility. This type of addiction treatment is still intensive and comprehensive, but shorter, and is often based on a modified 12-step program approach.

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Detox Centers

When you’re dependent on drugs or alcohol, particularly if your addiction is severe and long term, or includes opioids, you shouldn’t try to stop cold turkey. Quitting cold turkey isn’t recommended by medical professionals or addiction experts for a variety of reasons. First, it’s dangerous. Withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to severe, and the most severe symptoms can lead to death.

Withdrawal is also a time where you’re not just dealing with physical symptoms and difficulties, but there’s also a mental component that can include depression, cravings and other issues.

The best option is to make a clean break from your environment in Lima and travel to a medically supervised detox and then a rehab program like The Recovery Village Columbus. A medically supervised, professional detox program will allow you to taper off drugs and you may be given different medications to improve your level of comfort, reduce cravings, stabilize your mental state and help you be more successful in rehab.

When you travel to a high-quality national detox center outside of Lima, Ohio, you gain access to constant medical care and supervision, and your team can start your individualized assessment and treatment plan.

Recovery Meetings Near You

AA Meetings

After you complete a rehab program, whether it’s inpatient or outpatient, you may feel as if your recovery journey is complete, but you’re just getting started. After a formal drug treatment program, where you’ll be constantly working on your sobriety and learning the skills you need to be successful, you’ll then need to continue that work once you’re back to your life.

Many inpatient, residential rehab programs introduce 12-step programs, and once you leave the facility and go back to your daily life, you can continue building on what you learned during your rehab by finding an AA meeting in Lima or nearby.

The 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous allows participants to work the program in an individualized way while receiving support that can be essential to remain sober throughout a lifetime.

There are currently several AA meetings you could choose to attend, including the Lima Downtown Group, as well as the Lima Tuesday Night Peace Group. These are just two of the many available groups, held throughout the week throughout different times of the day.

Meetings near Lima, OH

Lima Downtown Group
Catholic Charities Building
222 South West St.
Lima, OH 45801

Lima Tuesday Night Peace Group
Catholic Charities Office Building
222 South West St.
Lima, OH 45801

1st Missionary Church
1105 W. Robb Ave.
Lima OH 45801

NA Meetings

Recovery from drug addiction can be a difficult road, but one that most people find is well worth it. As with people addicted to alcohol, after you return from a drug treatment program, you need to find a source of support and a program that will allow you to continue working on your sobriety.

Narcotics Anonymous, or NA, is also a 12-step program that can be particularly useful as a follow-up to rehab. You may also choose to attend NA without first going to rehab, although it might not be as effective.

Most rehab facilities emphasize the fact that addiction is a chronic disease, and without continual treatment, it can reappear. Rehab programs like The Recovery Village Columbus are designed to help you not just deal with your addiction at the time, but also create a long-term, sustainable plan you can follow to avoid a relapse.

Most professional rehabs encourage people to join a support group like NA when they return home to Lima, as social support is one of the most important ways to prevent relapse. When you have a social network through a group like NA, it can help you work through potential obstacles, and you can also find strength when you’re feeling weak and like you might relapse.

Meetings near Lima, OH

St. Rita’s Medical Center
730 W Market St.
Lima, OH 45801

Saturday Night Survivors
209 West North St.
Lima, OH 45801-4324

Trinity Church
414 East Market St.
Lima, OH 45801-4526
For a full list of meetings, including times and address, visit the NA website to find the best fit for your support group.

SMART Recovery Meetings

Some of the benefits of joining a group following rehab include the ability to make new friends who are sober and share your new lifestyle, as well as the capacity to gain support and an outlet to share when you feel like you could relapse. It’s also important to be part of something that allows you to continue learning to work on your triggers and be more mindful as you’re in recovery from addiction.

With that being said, a 12-step program might not be the right option or everyone. 12-step programs tend to focus on spiritual elements and a higher power, and while it has worked well for countless people, there are others who want an alternative.

One such option is called the SMART Recovery program. SMART Recovery is a self-help and self-empowering addiction recovery support group, billed as an alternative to the traditional 12-step programs.

Local SMART Recovery meetings near Lima, OH include two options in nearby Findlay, Ohio. If you can’t make it to these weekly meetings, currently held on Monday and Thursday, SMART Recovery also features online meetings and support resources including chat rooms and forums.

Meetings near Lima, OH

222 Center St.
Findlay, OH 45840

Foundation Recovery Center
269 Rose Ave.
Marion OH, 43302

Linden Avenue Baptist Church
101 Linden Ave.
Dayton, OH 45403

Select from a list of locations and meetings to become a part of a global system of support.

Nar-Anon Meetings

If you have experience with addiction, directly or indirectly, you likely know the enormous toll it can take not just on the addict, but on the people around them. Often one of the critical aspects of therapy that’s dealt with in a rehab program is about family and interpersonal interactions.

If you have a loved one who’s an addict, whether they aren’t in rehab, are currently in treatment or are just out of treatment, you likely need support too. Nar-Anon is a family group that’s based on 12-step principles like AA and NA but adjusted to the needs of the people who are affected by a famil member’s addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Support groups like Nar-Anon can help people as they struggle with the effects of addiction, and it can help immensely to understand that you aren’t the only one in this situation. Often friends and family members of addicts experience guilt, anxiety and frustration, as well as an overwhelming feeling of concern. Through Nar-Anon, people can start to learn how to heal the emotional damage of addiction.

There is currently a Nar-Anon meeting in Lima, OH, held at Trinity United Methodist Church.

Meetings near Lima, OH

Allen Country Nar-Anon Group
Trinity United Methodist
301 W. Market St.
Lima, OH 45801

Wapak Hope Group
First English Lutheran Church
107 West Mechanic St.
Wapakoneta, Ohio 45895

Piqua Hope Group
Miami County Ohio Public Library
116 W. High St.
Piqua, OH 45356

For a full list of meetings available, along with accompanying NA meetings and times, visit the Nar-Anon website.

Addiction Resources in Nearby Cities

Lima, Ohio is a relatively small Ohio city in Allen County. There are some substance abuse and addiction resources in Lima, such as AA and NA meetings, as well as doctors that may be able to prescribe medications like Suboxone or Vivitrol. But in many cases, people may have to travel to nearby cities for treatment at facilities like The Recovery Village Columbus

Medical Disclaimer

The Recovery Village aims to improve the quality of life for people struggling with a substance use or mental health disorder with fact-based content about the nature of behavioral health conditions, treatment options and their related outcomes. We publish material that is researched, cited, edited and reviewed by licensed medical professionals. The information we provide is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. It should not be used in place of the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider.

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