The concept of a drug epidemic, particularly heroin and opioids, isn’t a new one in Mansfield, Ohio. Mansfield and all of Richland County, OH have been at the forefront of the heroin epidemic, particularly following a Lisa Ling report several years ago, where the reporter spent time in the area. Ling’s report put the spotlight on people throughout the county that have become addicted to heroin, many of whom started after having taken prescription pain pills.

The story, which aired on Oprah’s OWN network, was shocking for many, especially since some families featured had multiple generations addicted to heroin and other opioids.

The number of drug overdose deaths in the entire state of Ohio has gone up tremendously in recent years. The state Department of Health cites that one of the biggest reasons there’s been a rise in unintentional drug overdose deaths is because of fentanyl, which is often used on its own when not combined with heroin.

Despite efforts from politicians, non-profits, and law enforcement officials, the plight of drug addiction remains incredibly troubling in Mansfield, OH and all of Richland County. In just one week in August 2016, there were 51 overdoses and three deaths in Richland County believed to be the result of heroin in particular.

The News Journal, a local newspaper in Mansfield and Richland County tracked drug cases for a one-week period last year, and each day there were more than five overdoses reported, and often there were more than a dozen calls to first responders because of heroin overdoses.

As with many other counties throughout Ohio, Richland County and Mansfield are struggling not just with the addition to opioids like heroin, but also the very dangerous drugs heroin is often cut with, many of which are hundreds of times stronger than heroin.

It’s easy to feel hopeless when the statistics seem so dire and so many people in Mansfield are affected by drugs, but there are solutions: inpatient and outpatient rehab, local outreach organizations, 12-step programs and more.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers in Mansfield, Ohio

As is highlighted by many of the news stories focusing on drug use (particularly opioid addiction) in Mansfield, there are limited choices regarding treatment and rehab. There may be a few options locally, but for the most part, people who want help with their addiction have to travel, sometimes to different areas in Ohio, and other times out-of-state.

For people in Mansfield and locations like it with relatively limited treatment options, there can be the tendency to try to detox at home. This leads to incredible sickness and in many cases, failure. This can be particularly true with opioid addictions because these drugs have such a difficult withdrawal period that can be not just uncomfortable but even deadly if not dealt with appropriately.

That’s why it’s so important to consider leaving for inpatient, residential treatment. Going to a nationally recognized detox and rehab center like The Recovery Village gives people the opportunity to gain access to world-class resources, care providers and addiction specialists they wouldn’t likely have access to if they were to stay at home for care. It also alleviates the stress and triggers of their daily lives, which can be helpful during the initial days of a treatment program.

An outpatient rehab facility is an option some people consider because it tends to be less expensive than inpatient addiction therapy, and they can maintain their daily routine. With that being said, outpatient treatment tends to be a better option for people after they first complete intensive, inpatient therapy that deals with the complexity of addiction.

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Detox Centers

Mansfield, OH and many cities like it are profoundly impacted by drug use, but they don’t have comprehensive detox centers available locally. This leads to the dangerous and desperate decision by many people to try and detox at home and on their own. There are many reasons this is not the best option.

First, detox, particularly from opioids, leads the body to withdrawal. The sickness it creates can not just be dangerous, but deadly. However, with medical supervision, not only can symptoms be alleviated, but the risks are reduced, and the person will feel more comfortable. A better detox experience often leads to an increased chance of success at recovery.

It’s not uncommon for people to arrive at a treatment facility while still under the influence of drugs or alcohol, so finding a rehab center with detox capabilities like TRV is imperative. During a medically-supervised detox, you are safely ridding your body of drugs and other substances, and giving yourself the opportunity to launch a fresh start into the recovery process.

Also important when considering detox and where to attend rehab is choosing a national, accredited center. With a medically supervised detox that’s part of the program, your care providers can start your individual assessments and care for underlying psychological issues right away, which is beneficial for your complete recovery.

Recovery Meetings Near You

AA Meetings

Whether someone leaves Mansfield for addiction treatment or they decide to seek inpatient or outpatient rehab locally, it’s just the first part of a complex process. The road to recovery is as complicated as the addiction itself. While completing a rehab program successfully is a huge achievement, you also have to consider what comes next. While most national programs such as what’s offered at The Recovery Village include outpatient care following the residential portion of your stay, and maybe time in a sober living house, you will eventually return home to Mansfield or Richland County.

You then have to take the necessary steps to maintain your sobriety, and attending Richland AA meetings is a good place to do that if you’re an alcoholic. What’s great about AA, in general, is the fact that most cities and towns around the country have plentiful meeting options throughout the week, and at different locations, making it a flexible, easy option for people to maintain their substance-free lifestyle. Just in Mansfield, OH alone, there are dozens of meetings each week.

Meetings near Mansfield, OH

Belmont Community Church
1119 Belmont Ave.
Mansfield, OH 44906

Central Club
20 1/2 S. Park Ave.
Mansfield, OH 44902

Grace Episcopal Church
41 Bowman St.
Mansfield, OH 44903

NA Meetings

If you were addicted to drugs and you’re returning from inpatient or outpatient rehab, you may be wondering what your options for follow-up care and maintenance of your sobriety are. A top choice in Mansfield is NA meetings. Narcotics Anonymous gives addicts the opportunity to come together and share their experiences while listening to others. NA, like AA, is based on a 12-step program.

Many national rehab facilities like The Recovery Village have attendees work through the 12 steps while they’re in their treatment, so NA is a good natural continuation of these concepts once someone returns home to Mansfield. Once someone starts attending open Mansfield NA meetings, they can build a relationship with the group and initiate the search for a sponsor. A sponsor is someone who knows the 12 steps well and can provide mentorship and accountability. There are several Mansfield NA meetings held each week, including at facilities like the First United Methodist Church.

Meetings near Mansfield, OH

First United Methodist Church
12 N Diamond St.
Mansfield, OH 44902

Mansfield UMADAOP 
400 Bowman St.
Mansfield, OH 44903

Dewald Community Center
47 S Main St.
Mansfield, OH 44902

SMART Recovery Meetings

The spiritual 12-step approach of AA and NA meetings might not be right for everyone. There is an alternative called the SMART Recovery program. SMART stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training. These SMART Recovery meetings are open to the public in general, and the direction of the program is guided by the most up-to-date scientific research done on the subject of addiction.

The SMART Recovery program teaches four points, which include how to enhance and maintain the motivation to remain substance-free, how to cope with urges when they do arise, how to manage your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and how to create a satisfying life by balancing short and long-term satisfactions.

The primary difference between this program and a 12-step option is that it teaches self-reliance within a scientific framework, and meetings are discussions where people talk to each other, rather than at each other. The closest SMART Recovery meeting to Mansfield, Ohio is held in Marion, Ohio at the Foundation Recovery Center, but online meetings, forums and chat rooms are also available.

Meetings near Mansfield, OH

Foundation Recovery Center
269 Rose Ave.
Marion, OH 43302

Worthington United Methodist Church
600 High St.
Worthington, OH 43058

Lockwood United Methodist Church
3680 Manchester Rd.
Akron, OH 44319

Nar-Anon Meetings

Many times both inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment will include not just individualized and group therapy with other addicts, but also family therapy. During family therapy, everyone can learn to work through their own issues resulting from addiction, because it often has tremendous repercussions not just for the addict, but for his or her loved ones.

This concept is something that can be continued by family members and loved ones of addicts if they attend Nar-Anon meetings. You can also attend Nar-Anon, which is a family group for people who know addicts, even if your loved one is still using, is currently in rehab, or you no longer have a relationship with them as a result of their problems with drugs or alcohol.

Meetings near Mansfield, OH

New Hope Church
637 N. Market St.
Loudonville, OH 44842

First Church of God
1953 Akron Rd.
Wooster, OH 44691

Hope for Today
416 S. Broadway St.
Medina, OH 44256

Addiction Resources in Nearby Cities

Mansfield, OH is a small city, and it can be difficult for people struggling with addiction to find the resources they need nearby. The optimal option for many individuals and their families is to explore out-of-state rehab facilities.

It’s important to look for a facility that offers not just detox, but also intensive treatment dealing with the addition as well as the underlying factors that led the individual to this particular point in their lives. In addition to inpatient rehab, Mansfield residents might also consider addiction and recovery resources in cities and towns nearby. Some of these include:

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