Drug-related arrests, dismantled families and, in many cases, untimely deaths are just some of the consequences of drug use in Springfield, Ohio and Clark County. It’s not uncommon to read the local news from Springfield and see headlines about the area’s widespread drug epidemic and frequent spikes in overdoses.

For example, in January 2017, there was a 24-hour period with double the number of overdoses. The Clark County Combined Health District alerted other agencies that the Springfield Regional Medical Center had seen at least 13 opioid-related drug overdoses in that 24-hour period. Following that first spike in January 2017, similar trends continued. At the end of the same month, Clark County first responders were overwhelmed with 19 overdose patients from the area. There were also alerts by the Ohio Department of Health because the number of overdose visits exceeded average levels.

The average number of drug overdoses a day in Clark County is around five or six, and these ER visits make up only a small percentage of total overdoses. It turns out that a lot of people refuse to be taken to the hospital after first responders revive them.

As with so many other counties in Ohio, the rise in overdoses is the result of synthetic fentanyl. People believe they’re taking heroin at a dose they would usually take, but it is actually fentanyl which is much more potent, and more deadly.

When it seems like Springfield and Clark County are facing similar stories every day, people can begin to lose hope, particularly if they’re addicted to drugs, or they’re close to someone who is. While it can be discouraging to see the epidemic that’s happening, there are resources for people in Springfield who need options for substance use and recovery. There are also in-state rehab centers, such as The Recovery Village Columbus, too. Here, people can get the help they need before returning home to live a thriving and fulfilled life without substance use.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers in Springfield, Ohio

Making the decision that you need help for an addiction to drugs or alcohol is one of the hardest parts of the recovery process. Once you can make that decision and feel that sense of motivation, you can move forward and start planning concrete solutions.

While some people might opt to stop using drugs or alcohol cold turkey on their own, this isn’t recommended from a physical or psychological standpoint. What is recommended, is finding a professional, accredited rehab center. You can opt for one of the several rehab facilities that are local in Springfield, or you might decide to travel nearby to The Recovery Village Columbus.

You’ve probably heard stories of people traveling out of the state for rehab, and you might wonder what the benefits are. Many of the rehab centers that are local in Springfield, OH are publically-funded, and you may want a private option. Also, these rehab centers may not offer certain specialties, such as the diagnosis and treatment of co-occurring mental disorders that often come with addiction. Addiction is complex, and treatment needs to be similarly complex. You can’t only treat some of the symptoms or issues associated with addiction but not all of them. That’s not going to be a successful long-term strategy.

There’s another reason a lot of people might opt to leave Springfield for rehab. Consider what it would be like to participate in inpatient, or in particular outpatient, rehab in the same environment where you were ausing drugs. You might be around the same friends and family that were negative influences in your life before rehab, and you can feel like you’re stuck in the same cycle.

If you travel to a nationally accredited rehab facility like The Recovery Village, you’re not just putting yourself mentally in a new situation, but physically as well. It can feel like a fresh opportunity to beat your addiction and create a better life. Along with deciding whether it’s better for you to go to a rehab or addiction treatment facility in-state or out of state, you’ll also have to think about factors such as inpatient or outpatient care. Inpatient residential rehab centers do require a time commitment, but these immersive experiences are often holistic in how they deal with addiction, which can lead to better long-term results.

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Detox Centers

Whether you’re going to seek addiction treatment locally or away from home, detox is essential. This applies to opioid addictions, which are prevalent in Springfield and surrounding areas.

Another benefit of opting for an inpatient rehab facility, such as what’s offered by The Recovery Village locations, it also includes medically supervised detox. During this time, which can range in length from a few days to a few weeks, you are given around-the-clock medical attention to keep you comfortable and mitigate severe withdrawal symptoms.

If you attend detox at the same facility as your rehab program, your care team will start assessing you, diagnosing any co-occurring mental disorders and start working on a treatment plan right away. So, once the drugs have left your system, you’re ready to start on the road to recovery.

There are a couple of detox facilities in Springfield, OH including low-cost options, but if you want comprehensive treatment, you may need to travel. Luckily, The Recovery Village Columbus is close by. Regardless of the specific detox program or facility you choose, quitting cold turkey is never a recommended option. There are dangers associated with withdrawal, and even if your symptoms aren’t severe, you may find yourself unable to detox successfully on your own.

Recovery Meetings Near You

AA Meetings

A lot of rehab treatment facilities base their programs on a modified 12-step program. This is beneficial for several reasons, including the fact that once people complete rehab, they can continue the steps and the program after they return home to Springfield. If you go to rehab or you seek outpatient treatment for an addiction to alcohol, you should absolutely try to find a local AA meeting where you can continue the progress of your recovery.

Some people may opt to go to AA meetings without attending rehab, while others may use Alcoholics Anonymous as part of their aftercare plan once they leave, or as a way of maintaining their sobriety, even in times of stress or difficulty.

Regardless of the stage of your recovery, going to AA meetings is one of the best local resources you have at your disposal in Springfield. It’s free, meetings are held often so you don’t have to worry about scheduling and you can build a network of support.

The closest AA organization for residents of Springfield, OH is the Youngstown Area A.A. Intergroup organization. People interested in attending AA meetings in Springfield can contact the group and find out local meeting times and locations.

Meetings near Springfield, OH

Youngstown Area Intergroup
3373 Canfield Rd.
Youngstown, OH 44511

NA Meetings

One of the biggest mistakes addicts make, even after they successfully complete rehab, is that they stop going to meetings. Meetings like AA and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) are pivotal to a successful long-term recovery, and they’re also one of the most accessible substance use and recovery resources for people in Springfield, OH.

One of the core components of addiction is often a sense of loneliness or isolation. By finding a local Springfield NA meeting to attend on a regular basis, you can avoid this trigger that either leads to you to drugs or makes you feel like you could relapse. When someone is alone, they’re much more likely to act on their desire to use a substance. There is also an increasing amount of research that places a lack of connection as a contributing factor to addiction. Such connections can be built and maintained through local NA meetings.

These meetings are also advantageous regardless of what stage of recovery you’re in because they offer strategies and tools that help you cope with various life situations.

Meetings near Springfield, OH

Springfield Regional Hospital
100 Medical Center Dr.
Springfield, OH 45504

Alano Club
1557 East Main Street
Springfield OH 45503

Central United Methodist Church
102 West High Street
Springfield OH 45502

SMART Recovery Meetings

If a 12-step program like AA or NA isn’t the right choice for you, you have other options. One of which is called SMART Recovery. This program is quite a bit different than a 12-step. First, there is no spiritual element, as there is with AA and NA. Instead, SMART Recovery is based on science and analytics.

For example, one thing that’s used in this program is called the Cost-Benefit Analysis Tool. This asks participants to talk about their addiction and the things they enjoy about it compared to the things they hate about it. The CBA goes on to ask participants to think about the things they believe they will like about giving up an addiction.

While much of the program is based on elements of analyzing your own life and self-empowerment, it has the sharing and social support features that are found in other traditional programs. One of the interesting things about SMART Recovery is that if you can’t make it to a local meeting or find one in your area, you can attend an online meeting.

SMART Recovery meetings held near to Springfield are in Dayton, at various locations including:

Meetings near Springfield, OH

Linden Avenue Baptist Church
101 Linden Avenue
Dayton, OH 45403

Dayton VA
4100 W 3rd St.
Dayton, OH 45428

Centerville Seventh-Day Adventist Church
456 W Spring Valley Pike
Dayton, OH 45458

Nar-Anon Meetings

Nar-Anon is another excellent localized resource for people who are dealing with addiction in Springfield. But it’s not for users. Instead, it’s a family group for people with loved ones who are struggling with addiction. This can include individuals who are currently using, who are in rehab or who are in recovery. You can also attend Nar-Anon even if you’ve ended the relationship with the addict in your life.

The goal of the family group is to show people who have been impacted by addiction that they are not alone. They can be part of a group that actually understands what they’re going through, and there are guiding principles of respect and anonymity. Nar-Anon is also based on a 12-step framework. The hope of attending Nar-Anon is that people will leave with the knowledge that no situation or level of unhappiness is so large that it can’t be overcome.

Meetings near Springfield, OH

Stepping Forward
Hillside Chapel of Christian Missionary Alliance
3515 Shakertown Rd.
Beavercreek, OH 45430

A Place to Start
Epiphany Lutheran Church
6430 Far Hills Ave.
Dayton, Ohio 45459

Piqua Hope Group
Miami County Ohio Public Library
116 W. High St.
Piqua, Ohio 45356

Addiction Resources in Nearby Cities

Springfield, OH is one of the many cities in Ohio facing serious drug problems and opioid use. Luckily, there are substance use and recovery resources in Springfield that can help.

These resources include support groups, as well as clinics and treatment facilities. People in Springfield also have the option of traveling within the state to The Recovery Village Columbus to seek rehab for addiction. Cities with treatment services located near Springfield, OH include:

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