Ohio Opioid Costs Rise to 8.8 Billion

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Opioid epidemic

Ohio is in a battle to the death with the opioid epidemic. With an ever-growing cost that has now topped $8 billion, the more crushing cost has been in terms of human life.

Though opioid abuse was once associated almost exclusively with urban areas, opioid use in Ohio’s rural areas is increasingly high. Complicating the problem is the fact that, in many rural areas, there are few available treatment options locally.

According to an article in the Dayton Daily News, it is difficult for those in rural areas to find treatment because the doctors do not have the training, and the resources simply are not there. Though accessible treatment is more common in urban areas, the state needs more resources to handle the widespread problem.

Access to Treatment

The same article in the Dayton Daily News reports that there are 17 counties in Ohio where there is not a single provider to treat opioid addiction. As treatment is essential in fighting this battle, it is clear that the state needs providers and treatment centers in both rural and urban areas.

An article from Ohio State University shares the need to help those people in rural areas, noting:

One effective way to combat Ohio’s growing opioid crisis is to prioritize treatment in underserved areas across the state because those are among the areas struggling most with opioid abuse, says an analyst with the C. William Swank Program in Rural-Urban Policy at The Ohio State University.

This report states that the most effective method for reducing opioid addiction, abuse, and overdose death is medication-assisted treatment. This involves working with doctors, hospitals, and treatment centers across the state to offer the needed services.

Treatment as an Important Method of Fighting Addiction

Ohio is already working on stopping pill mills and the overprescribing of painkillers, but professional, accessible treatment is what people already suffering from addiction truly need. Though the cost will be high for training doctors and providing access to treatment centers throughout the state, this is what needs to be done to more adequately address the opioid crisis in Ohio.

With adequate treatment, those with substance use disorders can reclaim their lives free from enslavement to addiction. This is, of course, the most important outcome of providing treatment in terms of the individual patient.

While providing this care may be an expensive proposition in the short-term, the long-term effects will be well worth the effort for the state of Ohio as well. How so? Consider the significant reduction in lost wages due to addicted workers, the considerable savings to the court system due to fewer drug-related crimes, and the reduced cost of family services as former substance abusers reclaim their lives and families.

Please Find Treatment

If you are currently struggling with addiction or abuse of opioids or any other drug for that matter, please seek treatment today. With a holistic and personalized approach to treatment, you can overcome this.

Opioid epidemic

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