Achieving Emotional Sobriety after Ohio Alcohol Rehab

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Sobriety is not just about cutting out alcohol from your life. There is physical sobriety, but there is also emotional sobriety. What does this actually involve, and how can you make sure that you are committed to and supported in full sobriety when you leave Ohio alcohol rehab? What Is Emotional Sobriety? Why do people … Read More

Ativan Addiction: What Ohio Residents Should Know

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Do you know someone who is addicted to Ativan? This drug can be very addictive, but Ativan addicts do not need to suffer quietly. There is help for those who are addicted, whether you are looking for Ohio drug rehab options or options in another state. What Is Ativan? Ativan is also known as Lorazepam, … Read More

Treating Co-Occurring Bipolar Disorder in Ohio Drug Rehab

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As if mental health issues and substance abuse were not tough enough to deal with on their own, combining the two can make life extremely difficult. Anyone who suffers from both a mental health issue as well as a substance abuse problem is considered to have a co-occurring disorder. Dealing with substance abuse is never … Read More

Using Alcohol to Ease Chronic Pain? Why It’s a Bad Idea in Ohio

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Many people turn to alcohol to ease their chronic pain. In fact, people have been using alcohol to alleviate their pain for centuries, as alcohol has been known to have a numbing effect on the body. Studies have long confirmed that alcohol can lower pain, and more recent research has found that over one-quarter of … Read More

Developing Self-Awareness in Ohio Drug Rehab

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Addiction is a terrifying thing that takes control over a person’s emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and physical health. The good news is that addicts can certainly get better. To do so, however, one crucial element that must be part of treatment is self-awareness. This involves understanding the underlying cause of your problems and being aware of … Read More

What Happens in Ohio Alcohol Rehab?

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Alcohol addiction can be extremely difficult to overcome alone. Typically, the symptoms associated with withdrawal can be so severe that they can be too strong for alcoholics to deal with, and because of this, they often relapse and run back to booze. Without any outside help or support, alcoholics stand a much lower chance of … Read More

Why You Should Never Mix Drugs and Alcohol in Ohio

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When you take drugs, the effects on your body can often be unpredictable. When you throw alcohol into the mix, the effects can be even more surprising. More specifically, mixing alcohol and drugs can be a dangerous and even deadly cocktail. Even if you are taking medications prescribed by your doctor, you could put yourself … Read More

How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Your System?

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There are plenty of reasons why it is important to know how long alcohol remains in your system. For instance, taking certain types of medications and operating motor vehicles should not be done until alcohol is no longer in the body. Many studies have been done on the effects of alcohol in the body and … Read More

Alcohol Abuse and Addiction: What Ohioans Should Know

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What should Ohio residents know about alcohol abuse and addiction? Alcohol addiction and abuse are problems across the country. If you live in Ohio, you have specific resources dedicated to recovery, and you also have specific problems. Overall, alcohol abuse in Ohio has been increasing, and despite the many discussions about drug problems in the … Read More

Proposed CARE Act Takes Aim at Labor Shortage Caused by Ohio Addiction

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For people battling severe addiction, one of the significant ways their lives are impacted is an inability to work. In states such as Ohio where opioids and other addictive substances are a considerable problem, severe labor shortages are quick to follow. A new bill, Collectively Achieving Recovery and Employment (CARE) Act hopes to create a partnership … Read More