When Does Dependence Become Addiction?

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It can be challenging to understand the difference between dependence and addiction, and it is not uncommon to see both terms used interchangeably. However, dependence and addiction are separate, though dependence can certainly lead to addiction at some point. So, what exactly is the difference between the two, and at what point does dependence turn … Read More

Ohio Rejects Low-Level Drug Offense Decriminalization

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What is the future of Ohio’s drug laws? During the recent elections, Ohio voters soundly rejected Issue 1, which would have allowed low-level offenders to receive treatment rather than jail time. What was Issue 1, and how will this impact legislators in the future? What Is Issue 1? According to WCPO, Issue 1 “sought to … Read More

Does Codeine Show Up in a Drug Test?

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Upon receiving an offer of employment, many people are required to take a drug test prior to their first day of work. Some employers also require the random drug testing of employees even after their hiring. You may not think much about drug testing if you do not take medications, but what happens if you are? … Read More

When to Worry About Taking Valium

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Anxiety can be debilitating, leading people to retreat from daily life and be unable to function properly as a result. It can interfere with core activities such as job performance, school, family and social relationships. It is estimated that more than 31 percent of American adults experience some form of anxiety at some point in their … Read More

How Quickly Can a Person Get Addicted to Crack?

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Crack cocaine is a popular street drug that is known for giving people an incredible rush of energy and a euphoric feeling, followed by a hard crash. Crack was first popularized in the 1980s, and though its popularity has somewhat dipped since then, it is still one of the more addictive illicit drugs out there. … Read More

How to Identify Klonopin Addiction

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While the opioid epidemic is a huge concern in Ohio and around the country, there are other problematic drugs that can lead to serious side effects or death. These include benzodiazepines. One of the most popular benzodiazepines is Klonopin, also known by its generic name Clonazepam. What Is Klonopin? Kloponin is an anti-anxiety medication that … Read More

Meth Mixed with Fentanyl Spells Trouble for Ohio

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What happens when you combine meth and fentanyl? Individually, these two drugs can be dangerous. Together, that danger increases, and you can end up with a potentially deadly combination of drugs. What makes the meth and fentanyl combination particularly lethal? The Impact of Meth Misuse Meth is short for methamphetamine, and it is also referred … Read More

Mental Illness and Addiction a Concern for Many Veterans

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Many veterans experience difficult and traumatic experiences during their time in service. However, when veterans return, they do not always receive help to support the emotional and physical effects of these experiences. This situation can lead some veterans to seek out other ways to manage their mental health challenges. Many veterans turn to drugs and … Read More

What Happens If You Mix Vicodin and Alcohol?

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There are plenty of painkillers available, both in prescription and over-the-counter form, for those in pain. Vicodin is one of them. Some people also reach for alcohol as a means to reduce the pain they may feel. They may even use alcohol in conjunction with any pain medication they may be taking. This is not … Read More

CDC Releases New Drug Overdose Stats

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released preliminary figures that show a slight decrease in deaths from drug overdoses among Americans in late 2017 and the first quarter of 2018. Despite this reduction in overdose deaths, the United States remains amid the most catastrophic drug overdose epidemic in its history. In fact, … Read More