STDs Rising with Concurrent Drug Abuse Trends

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Despite efforts to education efforts, STD rates are on the rise. After years of education on safe sexual behavior and work to make a variety of types of protection accessible, why are sexually transmitted disease (STD) rates rising? Unfortunately, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the current rise in STDs seems … Read More

Common Hydrocodone Withdrawal Symptoms and How to Treat Them

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You can achieve a successful recovery with the assistance of doctors and therapists. When you have a substance use disorder, the idea of withdrawal can be scary. Fortunately, there is a lot of support for this process when you are in a recovery center. If you are considering stopping hydrocodone use, there are various symptoms … Read More

Treating Traumatic Brain Injury and Addiction Concurrently

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Playing sports puts you at risk of ongoing small traumatic brain injuries. Addiction frequently occurs in tandem with physical injuries or mental health challenges. People who experience a traumatic brain injury (TBI) may develop a substance use disorder. Inversely, people with substance use disorders can end up with a TBI that changes the way that … Read More

Stress Disorders and Addiction: Exploring the Connection

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Stress disorders can contribute to the development of addiction, which makes it imperative to treat both issues simultaneously to achieve long-term sobriety. There are many aspects of drug addiction, and the reasons why people become addicted to certain drugs or alcohol vary. Mental health conditions are often deeply intertwined with substance use disorders, and each … Read More

What to Do for an Amphetamine Overdose

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How can you support someone who has experienced an amphetamine overdose? Surviving an amphetamine overdose can put the real dangers of a substance use disorder into perspective. If someone you know has overdosed on amphetamines, how can you help? What Are Amphetamines? Amphetamines are drugs that are prescribed as stimulants. They are used to treat … Read More

Most Misused Benzos in America

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Many people use benzos to regulate panic disorder or anxiety. However, there are other, less-addictive options. There are many pills out there to help manage health problems. Unfortunately, while some of these pills might be legal, they are also very addictive. This scenario is the case with benzodiazepines or benzos, which first entered clinical use … Read More

Could Alcohol Addictions Be Treated with Stem Cell Therapy?

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A recent study suggests that stem cell injections may be a potentially effective form of treatment for alcohol addiction. A new study suggests that stem cell treatment may be effective in helping people better manage their addiction to alcohol. Researchers from the University of Chile discovered that intracerebral injections of Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) administered … Read More

A Look at Ohio’s Drug and Human Trafficking Problem

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Building a strong social support network can help you reduce your risk factors for drug and human trafficking. There are drug problems in Ohio, specifically when it comes to opioid use. However, how do drug problems connect to human trafficking? More importantly, what can be done about the two problems? The Problems of Human and … Read More

How Planning Strengthens Relapse Prevention

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Addiction recovery is a lifelong journey. Recovery is not over when you or your loved one leaves a treatment center. From treatment, you take with you a figurative toolbox of recovery skills and it is important to carry those skills with you throughout your life. People living in recovery will always encounter challenges, and the … Read More

7 Addiction Recovery Quotes to Remember in Rehab

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What are some of the supports that you plan to use as you start or continue your addiction recovery journey? While counseling, therapy and 12-step meetings can be powerful tools in recovery, you can use other resources as well. For instance, you might find inspiration by reading quotes from people in the addiction treatment community. … Read More