The Dangers of Tramadol and Alcohol

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A glass of whiskey next to tramadol pills due to an addiction

There are many risks of tramadol and alcohol, and the two should never be used together. Tramadol is a synthetic opioid pain medication, and its brand names include ConZip, Rybiz, Ryzold and Ultram. Both tramadol and alcohol are central nervous system depressants. When someone takes tramadol and alcohol together, it can cause severe central nervous … Read More

Salvia Abuse and Addiction

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Salvia about to be rolled into a joint and abused

Salvia is a growing drug of concern from the perspective of medical professionals and policymakers. Salvia drug abuse appears to be on the rise, particularly among younger people. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), salvia comes from an herb that’s part of the mint family. Though the salvia plant is native to Mexico, it … Read More

The Dangers of Snorting Norco

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Close up of Norco pills on a table

To feel the effects of Norco more quickly, people sometimes crush the drug into powder and inhale it through the nose. Snorting Norco can lead to short-term respiratory and nasal issues, and long-term intranasal use can have lasting effects. Norco misuse itself carries the risk of addiction, and since the effects are felt almost instantly … Read More

Norco vs. Vicodin

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Norco and vicodin pills spilled over next to a stethoscope

Norco and Vicodin are both opioid-based prescription pain relievers. Though they contain different amounts of hydrocodone and acetaminophen, they are both used to reduce or eliminate chronic and severe pain. Opioids carry the risk of addiction, so Norco and Vicodin should only be taken as prescribed. When comparing Norco vs. Vicodin, Norco contains more acetaminophen … Read More

What Does Norco Look Like?

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Norco pills on a table due to a person struggling with addiction

Norco is a prescription, brand-name drug made with a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen. There are other brand-name versions of the hydrocodone and acetaminophen mix, including Vicodin, Lorcet and Lortab. Norco dosages can look different from one another. Most Norco dosages are oval shaped with scoring on one side and imprints of either Norco or Watson … Read More

The Effects of Alcohol on the Body

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The effects of alcohol on the body can be extensive. Alcohol abuse (including binge drinking) and chronic alcohol use can affect the brain, heart, liver and other major organs and systems in the body. Alcohol’s effects can be short-term, such as intoxication or a lack of coordination. The effects can also be long-term and can … Read More

How Long Does Salvia Stay in Your System?

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Salvia rolled in a joint next to a body to show its effects on the body

The length of time salvia stays in your system varies from person to person. Knowing about the drug can help people get a better understanding of how their body reacts and processes the drug. Salvia is a type of plant. There are a few different types of salvia available. Three of the most common kinds … Read More

Salvia Treatment & Rehab

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Salvia rolled into a joint due to salvia addiction

Salvia is a hallucinogenic drug derived from a plant in the sage family. The plant salvia (Salvia divinorum) is native to Central and South America but has become increasingly popular in the United States in the last few decades. While the drug’s long-term effects are still being studied, salvia is known to have drastic effects … Read More

The Effects of Adderall and Alcohol

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Hand holding pills

Mixing alcohol and Adderall can be extremely dangerous, but unfortunately, it’s something many people do without realizing the risks. Research indicates a significant percentage of people who use Adderall do so with alcohol. One study found that 46.4 percent of students who used a non-medical prescription stimulant (NMPS)(i.e., an illicitly used prescription), like Adderall, used … Read More

Warning Signs of Alcoholism

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Glass of alcohol in person's hand with a bottle in the background.

The warning signs of alcoholism can appear very early on as someone is initially developing a pattern of problem drinking. Over time, as the problem progresses without treatment, the signs of alcoholism can be more severe. By recognizing the signs of alcoholism as early on as possible, loved ones of people who may have a … Read More