Kratom & Alcohol

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A man holding a glass of alcohol and he intends to mix with kratom

Kratom and Alcohol Kratom is a drug derived from the leaves of the tropical plant Mitragyna speciosa. Currently, kratom is not illegal in America, and be found easily online via the internet, so some people use kratom to take advantage of its stimulant and euphoric properties. Kratom use is becoming more and more common in … Read More

Does Codeine Show Up in a Drug Test?

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cough syrup from bottle being poured onto a spoon

Does Codeine Show Up in a Drug Test? Upon receiving an offer of employment, many people are required to take a drug test prior to their first day of work. Some employers also require the random drug testing of employees even after their hiring. You may not think much about drug testing if you do not … Read More

What Does Norco Look Like?

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Norco pills on a table due to a person struggling with addiction

What Does Norco Look Like? Norco is a prescription, brand-name drug made with a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen. There are other brand-name versions of the hydrocodone and acetaminophen mix, including Vicodin, Lorcet and Lortab. Norco dosages can look different from one another. Most Norco dosages are oval-shaped with scoring on one side and imprints of … Read More

How Long Does Salvia Stay in Your System?

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Salvia rolled in a joint next to a body to show its effects on the body

How Long Does Salvia Stay in Your System? Table of Contents Factors that Determine How Long Salvia May Stay in Your System The length of time salvia stays in your system varies from person to person. Knowing about the drug can help people get a better understanding of how their body reacts and processes the … Read More

Things You Might Not Know About Buckeyes (and Opioids)

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background of buckeye nuts

Things You Might Not Know About Buckeyes (and Opioids) Ohio. The one and only Buckeye State. As an Ohioan, you probably consider it a necessity, a rite of passage even, to honor this sacred nut. You might even identify as a buckeye yourself — whether you’re an Ohio State alum or not. Still, there are … Read More