Columbus Police to Help Sex Trafficking Victims

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Law enforcement sits with a human trafficking victim to discuss how to help

Police in Columbus, Ohio, are being trained to approach sex trafficking victims in a different way. A new vice unit is being mobilized and empowered using the Police And Community Together Team (PACT). Part of this training includes working with prostitutes or other sex workers in a way that is mindful of the dynamics of … Read More

Meth Addiction Replaces Opioids in West Virginia Town

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Empty syringes and a clear bottle of crystal meth laying on a piece of fabric

Community leaders in Clarksburg, West Virginia, are facing an unexpected fallout from the opioid crisis: an increase in meth addiction. The West Virginia drug problem is transitioning as access to opioids decreases. Methamphetamine effects are different from the slow, physical decline represented by opioid abuse. Meth addiction and abuse can lead to: Blood pressure and … Read More

Ohio Puts Stop to Teen Vaping, Raises Nicotine Purchase Age to 21

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Teen girl vaping nicotine outside

Earlier this year, the Ohio governor Mike DeWine announced his plan to raise the age of legal tobacco purchase to 21. This action is, in large part, a response to the rise of teen vaping that has been grabbing national headlines.  Ohio is not alone. Concerns about the increase of smoking and vaping among young … Read More

Recovering Addict Encourages Missouri Schools to Keep Narcan Onsite

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Person holding a narcan bottle and spraying it to administer

A community member in Missouri suggests that public schools should keep Narcan on school premises in the event of an opioid overdose. Eric Moffitt is a citizen of Springfield, Missouri who describes himself as being in long-term recovery for opioid addiction. Narcan is a nasal spray that can be administered to someone who has overdosed … Read More

Ohio Opioid Addiction Crisis Fueled by Cardinal Health Distribution of a Billion Pills in Eight Years

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Bottles of prescription pills that contributed to the opioid crisis

Opioid addiction is a challenging condition that impacts people across the United States. Opioid addiction in Ohio may have been enhanced by the influx of large numbers of opioid pills. Some state officials who are addressing Ohio opioid addiction have laid some blame on Cardinal Health, a pharmaceutical company that distributed nearly a billion opioid … Read More

Narcan To Be Carried on Delta Flights After Passenger Opiate Overdose

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A Delta airlines flight gets ready for takeoff with Narcan on board

Airlines are among the most recent American institutions to be impacted by the opioid epidemic more significantly than ever before, triggering significant changes. Delta recently announced plans to carry Narcan on flights after a passenger died of an opiate overdose while in transit. Following the tragedy, most were left wondering if a Narcan dose could … Read More

Infants in Miami Valley Fighting Drug Withdrawals

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A baby born in Miami Valley, Ohio born with a drug addiction curls up

In Ohio, some are calling for stricter penalties for people who sell drugs to pregnant women. According to Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones, 80% of women in the county jail are on drugs and are attempting to stop using them. In Butler County alone, there were two women with drug addictions who gave birth in … Read More

Medicine in Jail to Help Inmates with Addiction

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Inmates in Ohio with drug addictions ready to receive help being sober

Health care providers at Hamilton County Jail in Ohio are working to help inmates stop using drugs through the administration of certain medications. A recent story in U.S. News & World Report highlighted the efforts of Hamilton County staff members to help people currently incarcerated stop using opioids and prevent future relapse. Fifty-two inmates in … Read More

Nearly 800,000 Marijuana Criminal Records to Be Expunged in Illinois

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Handcuffs on top of paperwork from drug arrests in Illinois to be expunged

Illinois recently became the 11th state in the United States to legalize recreational marijuana sales and use. In the state, advocates for cannabis have been working to ensure social justice measures were included in the legislation. Illinois, with its more than 12 million residents, is the second-most populous state to legalize recreational cannabis use, only … Read More