Preparing for Winter Months in Recovery

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In even the best of scenarios, winter is a challenging time for mental health. During winter, there is less sunlight, the days are shorter and you may also be more socially isolated. That’s especially true this year when we’re still social distancing because of COVID-19. When you’re isolated and worrying about a pandemic, it can … Read More

How to Access Substance Abuse Treatment Safely During COVID-19

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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is a complex situation with a far-reaching impact. While coronavirus is a dangerous illness on its own, it’s also damaging millions of people who may never contract it. Rates of mental health symptoms and substance abuse are rising throughout the country due to isolation, financial stress, fear and general uncertainty. Fortunately, … Read More

Ideas for a Sober Halloween in Ohio

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Halloween is a holiday that, as adults, we often associate with partying, drinking and even substance use. Halloween and other holidays can be a tough time if you’re in recovery. You may feel like you’re not ready for a party environment, but if you still want to enjoy the night, there are options available. The … Read More

Ohio Participates in Sober October

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Sober October offers Ohio residents an opportunity to experience a potentially different side of life by exploring sobriety. Sober October also creates the chance to connect with friends and family in recovery themselves and develop a sense of empathy for some of the challenges they face. According to data from the Ohio Health Department, nearly … Read More

Is Teletherapy Affordable for Addiction Recovery?

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Many people have faced financial struggles, health fears, general uncertainty and ongoing stress since March. These feelings of fear and isolation have caused an uptick in mental health concerns, and some Americans have turned to substances to cope. In light of the situation, teletherapy and online counseling services have skyrocketed in popularity and availability. Telehealth … Read More

Celebrating National Recovery Month in Ohio

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Every September, the recovery community celebrates National Recovery Month by raising behavioral disorder and addiction awareness for not only those who have encountered addiction and recovery, but also for the substance abuse counselors, medical community and loved ones who played a part in the recovery journey along the way. September’s Recovery Month provides an opportunity … Read More

Free Online Meeting Platform for Recovery Support Groups Now Available

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The Recovery Village Recovery Room App

The Recovery Village Columbus remains committed to the health, safety and long-term recovery of our patients and community during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Meeting regularly with a support group of peers in recovery is an essential part of addiction treatment aftercare due to the numerous benefits for lifelong healing. To better support people in recovery … Read More