How to Make a Success of Your Stay in Ohio Drug Rehab

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Congratulations! You have reached the point of recognizing you have an addiction and have decided to seek treatment to better your life. This is a big step that deserves credit. The next step is ensuring that you are successful in your treatment by following through with your program and reaching your goals. Rehab and treatment … Read More

Ohio Attorney General on War Path with Pharmaceutical Companies

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Mike DeWine, Attorney General of Ohio, has filed a lawsuit on behalf of the state, claiming that departments of five pharmaceutical companies are responsible for the state’s current opioid crisis. The lawsuit alleges that the sales reps of these companies deliberately misled doctors and patients about the dangers of opioid medications, understating their effects and making … Read More

Is In-Patient Treatment Necessary for Ohio Heroin Addicts?

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Inpatient drug rehab in Ohio

It seems like a big commitment, but inpatient drug rehab in Ohio is sometimes the best and safest choice for people addicted to heroin. Detoxification from heroin is multilayered, uncomfortable, and often painful. For some, going it alone without the caring supervision of a trained medical team can be dangerous. Although it is possible to … Read More

Increasing Opioid Overdoses: Death Trailers Travel across Struggling Ohio Counties


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Even though coroner’s offices across Ohio are filled to capacity, death tolls for opioid overdoses continue to climb. This has forced officials in several counties to seek assistance from the state, requesting the use of air conditioned trailers to temporarily store victims. These 20-foot-long cold storage vehicles, somberly referred to as “death trailers,” have been … Read More

Things You Might Not Know About Buckeyes (and Opioids)


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Ohio. The one and only Buckeye State. As an Ohioan, you probably consider it a necessity, a rite of passage even, to honor this sacred nut. You might even identify as a buckeye yourself — whether you’re an Ohio State alum or not. Still, there are probably a few things about the nut you weren’t … Read More

Schools Stock Narcan in Response to Ohio Opioid Epidemic

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Recover school in Ohio for students with substance abuse

In 2016, Senate Bill 319 was approved 33 to zero before being passed by Governor John Kasich in January, 2017. In addition to regulating painkiller distribution and pharmacy technician credentials, the bill also ensures that naloxone is readily available at schools, homeless shelters, halfway houses and treatment centers. Although most opioid users are adults, having … Read More