Celebrating National Recovery Month in Ohio

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Peaceful young woman

Every September, the recovery community celebrates National Recovery Month by raising behavioral disorder and addiction awareness for not only those who have encountered addiction and recovery, but also for the substance abuse counselors, medical community and loved ones who played a part in the recovery journey along the way. September’s Recovery Month provides an opportunity … Read More

Free Online Meeting Platform for Recovery Support Groups Now Available

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The Recovery Village Recovery Room App

The Recovery Village Columbus remains committed to the health, safety and long-term recovery of our patients and community during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Meeting regularly with a support group of peers in recovery is an essential part of addiction treatment aftercare due to the numerous benefits for lifelong healing. To better support people in recovery … Read More

Dayton Sober Lounge Part of Sober Curious Movement

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Group of friends have fun at a sober bar

A new trend is now finding its way to bars and other locales that are typically associated with drinking. Instead of hosting alcohol-fueled parties, more and more establishments are beginning to cater toward sober partygoers. These pop-up events are part of what has been called the “sober curious” movement. In Dayton, Ohio, Tonic Dayton has … Read More

New Ohio Study Aims to Answer: Is Addiction Genetic?

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Is addiction genetic? We know in the general sense that if someone in your family does drugs or abuses alcohol, you may be more likely to as well, but that only tells a very small portion of the story. Ohio researchers have launched a large-scale study that will identify specific genetic markers linked to addiction, … Read More

Factory Workers Press for Opioid Treatment From Employers

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Opioid pills spilling out of an orange prescription bottle onto a black counter

In an attempt to secure better treatment for their members’ substance use disorders, the United Automobiles Workers union (UAW) is asking automotive companies to help their factory workers. Many of the union’s 400,000 members have felt the effects of addiction ⁠— either directly or through someone they know. Because of the rising problem, the UAW … Read More

Opioid Epidemic Makes It Harder to Get Needed Pet Prescriptions

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Dog who recently got surgery lying on the ground with a cone around his neck

The National opioid epidemic is responsible for turning the lives of people with opioid addictions and the lives of their families upside down. Due to recent laws, furry family members may start to be affected by the changes in legislation regarding prescription opioids.  States across the US have started to implement legislation that makes it … Read More

Ohio Launches Its First Recovery High School

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Teens sitting at desk completing school work at a recovery high school

In the summer of 2019, the class bells at Ohio’s new recovery high school rang for the first time. Heariktland High School may be the first of its kind in the state but it’s not alone. It joins a growing number of recovery high schools that exist throughout the nation. Located in Columbus, Heartland provides … Read More

New Treatment Options for Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Ohio Clients

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Patient holds a heart in their hands to represent insurance and health

The Recovery Village Columbus is now an in-network provider with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Ohio, expanding coverage and access to rehab resources to more people in need. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Ohio ranked second in the nation for opioid-related overdose deaths in 2017. Access to treatment options is … Read More

Columbus Police to Help Sex Trafficking Victims

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Law enforcement sits with a human trafficking victim to discuss how to help

Police in Columbus, Ohio, are being trained to approach sex trafficking victims in a different way. A new vice unit is being mobilized and empowered using the Police And Community Together Team (PACT). Part of this training includes working with prostitutes or other sex workers in a way that is mindful of the dynamics of … Read More