How Long Does Kratom Stay in Your System?

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Kratom leaves, pills, and powder next to the human body

Kratom is an herbal drug that is currently legal in the United States. It comes from the Mitragyna speciosa plant, which is native to tropical parts of the world. Mitragynine is the main active component in kratom and is responsible for the effects the drug has on the body. Mitragynine generates opioid-like activity in the … Read More

Could Drug Dealers Be Responsible for Overdose Deaths in Chicago?

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Image of the a bridge in the city of Chicago in the late evening

Recently, police in the suburbs of Chicago began prosecuting drug dealers for murder if the drugs they sell cause a fatal overdose. This strategy started within the last four years and spread to being used in multiple drug deaths across the city. While the strategy of prosecuting dealers for the deaths their drugs cause is … Read More

How Long Does Methadone Stay in Your System?

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A boy laying on the floor after a methadone overdose due to an addiction

What is Methadone? Methadone hydrochloride is often used as part of a medication-assisted treatment program to help people who are dependent on heroin or prescription opioid painkillers. Methadone is an opioid, but since it lasts longer than other opioids, it can be used in the opioid detoxification process to prevent opioid withdrawal symptoms. When methadone … Read More

Salvia Addiction Symptoms, Signs and Side Effects

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Salvia leaves being rolled into a joint due to a person with an addiction

Salvia, or salvia divinorum, is an herb from the mint family. While it’s native to Mexico, salvia can grow in other places as well. When someone takes salvia, it can change their brain chemistry and lead to hallucinations similar to the effects of other hallucinogenic drugs. Salvia symptoms and effects don’t typically last long, but … Read More

The Dangers of Using Kratom Regularly

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Bowl filled with kratom pills ready to be crushed and used to get high due to addiction

Kratom comes from the tropical kratom tree (Mitragyna speciosa). While the tree is native to Southeast Asia, the leaves that contain chemicals which give off psychotropic effects became popular in the United States. People consume the drug in different forms: pills, capsules, extracts and fresh, dried and powdered leaves. Using kratom regularly is dangerous. Even … Read More

Is Kratom Legal?

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Crushed Kratom powder in a cup on top of kratom leaves and pills

Kratom, a psychotropic drug derived from the leaves of a tree originally native to Southeast Asia and the Philippines, is legal in most cities and states in the United States. Internationally, Kratom’s legal status as a drug varies from country to country, but it is commonly legal to buy, sell and grow the plant. What … Read More

The Dangers of Tramadol and Alcohol

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A glass of whiskey next to tramadol pills due to an addiction

There are many risks of tramadol and alcohol, and the two should never be used together. Tramadol is a synthetic opioid pain medication, and its brand names include ConZip, Rybiz, Ryzold and Ultram. Both tramadol and alcohol are central nervous system depressants. When someone takes tramadol and alcohol together, it can cause severe central nervous … Read More

Salvia Abuse and Addiction

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Salvia about to be rolled into a joint and abused

Salvia is a growing drug of concern from the perspective of medical professionals and policymakers. Salvia drug abuse appears to be on the rise, particularly among younger people. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), salvia comes from an herb that’s part of the mint family. Though the salvia plant is native to Mexico, it … Read More

The Dangers of Snorting Norco

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Close up of Norco pills on a table

To feel the effects of Norco more quickly, people sometimes crush the drug into powder and inhale it through the nose. Snorting Norco can lead to short-term respiratory and nasal issues, and long-term intranasal use can have lasting effects. Norco misuse itself carries the risk of addiction, and since the effects are felt almost instantly … Read More

Norco vs. Vicodin

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Norco and vicodin pills spilled over next to a stethoscope

Norco and Vicodin are both opioid-based prescription pain relievers. Though they contain different amounts of hydrocodone and acetaminophen, they are both used to reduce or eliminate chronic and severe pain. Opioids carry the risk of addiction, so Norco and Vicodin should only be taken as prescribed. When comparing Norco vs. Vicodin, Norco contains more acetaminophen … Read More