Spirituality may help to replace what drugs and alcohol do to alleviate the mental and emotional issues that people with substance use disorders may experience.

Spirituality has often been appreciated by people who are looking for something more than what is experienced here on earth. By connecting to your spiritual self, you can access a different part of your being as well as a higher power that can bring peace and answers to all sorts of troubles that you encounter every day.

While many people may be uncomfortable with the idea of spirituality, others depend on it to get through many of their everyday issues, including addiction.

Although some addiction centers may not combine spirituality and recovery as part of their overall treatment programs, several centers do with some degree of efficacy.  Studies suggest that faith-based addiction treatment may help boost the odds of recovery and sustained sobriety.

How Does Spirituality Affect a Person’s Ability to Manage Addiction?

Spirituality is the connection between life experiences and the inner being and it involves the acknowledgment of higher powers. It serves as a reminder that there could be a lot more than is visible and that the forces controlling the universe can have a positive effect on someone’s treatment for a substance use disorder.

Many addiction treatment centers incorporate an element of spirituality in their treatment programs to help strengthen someone’s connection to their inner selves and the universe. Implementing spirituality into treatment plans may help to fill the voids that people may be trying to fill with drugs or alcohol.

By accessing spiritual- or faith-based treatment programs, people who feel the need to gain a better spiritual understanding and healing may find the support they need in addiction treatment.

More treatment centers are incorporating different types of spiritual healing methods to help patients better manage their addiction.

Many support groups tend to incorporate spirituality into their overall addiction treatment programs. Alcoholics Anonymous, for instance,  uses spirituality to help members connect to higher powers to experience a more profound meaning beyond what their everyday life brings.

With spiritual-based healing methods, people in rehab may find that they can ease their emotions and mental health with minimal risk of negative side effects. While spiritual programs may vary from one center to the next, their end goal is always the same: to heal all aspects of the person.

What Does Spiritual Therapy Look Like?

Spiritual programs can vary in terms of how they attempt to connect someone with their inner being and a higher power. An increasing number of treatment centers across the country are adopting such modalities and can include practices like:

  • Support groups
  • Mindfulness
  • Talk therapy
  • Meditation
  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Writing

Are You Looking For Spiritual-Based Treatment Therapy For Addiction?

There are several different ways to address addiction and spirituality may be one approach that can be effective. If you or someone you know needs help with addiction and are looking for a program that incorporates spirituality into its program, help is available. Contact The Recovery Village Columbus today to learn more about treatment and how you can incorporate your spirituality into recovery.

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