Will Insurance Cover the Cost of Drug Rehab in Ohio?

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Drug rehab in Ohio

It is a frightening and overwhelming thing to realize that you or your loved ones need drug rehab. As an Ohio resident, if you are looking for rehab for you, your child, or another loved one, you are probably wondering how you are going to pay for it. Does insurance cover drug rehab, either in whole or in part? What about treatment aftercare?

These are only some of the questions you are probably asking yourself, but unfortunately, drug addiction is costly whether someone seeks treatment or not. When you understand cost and insurance, you can move forward and focus on getting the needed treatment.

Insurance for the Cost of Drug Rehab in Ohio

The Affordable Care Act has set a precedent of expanding coverage for mental health treatment, and drug rehab falls into this category. DrugRehab.com notes:

The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 stipulates that insurance companies cannot discriminate against or deny coverage to individuals with substance use disorders. In addition, the Affordable Care Act of 2010 classified mental health and addiction services as essential health benefits.

This does not mean all of the rehab process is covered, but usually, things like initial assessment and preventative care fall under coverage in Ohio. However, inpatient treatment may not be covered in full. Also, medication may or not be covered, depending on your policy.

The good thing is that more and more policies are taking addiction seriously and are working with their clients to help them afford care.

How to Find Out What Is Covered

It is a good idea to look into what your insurance policy covers while you are considering drug rehab in Ohio. For some people, it does not matter the cost, and they will seek treatment for themselves or their child regardless. However, for others, treatment may not seem possible without help from insurance. Here are some questions to ask when looking into drug rehab in Ohio:

  • Will I have deductibles or copays? If so, what will I need to pay?
  • What about inpatient care versus outpatient care? How much of each will be covered?
  • Can I choose where I am receiving treatment and from whom?
  • Will I have to file or will the treatment center file for me?

It is best to reach out to both your insurance company and your treatment center of choice. The Recovery Village Columbus makes an effort to work with you to provide the optimum, personal care that financially fits your needs. We offer programs from monitored detox to outpatient treatment options and everything in between.

Unfortunately, drug addiction does not go away by itself. As the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports, it usually requires long-term treatment and care because relapses are common. Those suffering from addiction need help and support to get through it. If this is you, do not be afraid to contact your insurance company to see how they can help. The most important thing is to seek help and find recovery. Contact us today to explore your treatment options.