Insurance Coverage for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Ohio 

The cost of addiction treatment can deter people from seeking rehab. You may not realize that, in many cases, some or all of the cost of substance use disorder treatment is covered by private insurance because addiction to drugs or alcohol is categorized as a medical condition.

So how do you know if your insurance company covers your treatment? With so many treatment types and insurance plan variables, getting all the details together can feel intimidating. Learning what will and won’t be covered by your insurance plan is an excellent way to start finding answers.

Does Insurance Cover Rehab?

Many people wonder if their insurance will cover rehab costs. While many insurance companies cover all or at least some of rehab, many variables work to determine the answer. The good news is that the Affordable Care Act expanded insurance coverage for substance use services, and many insurances now offer some form of care. 

One of the most significant factors of coverage is whether you choose an in-network or out-of-network treatment center. Private insurance companies have networks of providers they work with, and policyholders should receive care from within their plan’s network when possible. Out-of-network care is more expensive and may not be covered at all.

The Affordable Care Act and Substance Use Disorders

With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), there was an expansion in coverage for substance use disorders and mental health treatment. All plans available on state exchanges, also known as the Marketplace, must include treatment for substance use disorders and mental health as essential benefits.

All programs must cover behavioral health treatment, including counseling, psychotherapy and substance use disorder treatment.

Additionally, plans on the Marketplace can’t deny coverage or charge someone more for a pre-existing mental health condition or substance use disorder.

While mental health and substance disorders are essential benefits, the specifics of how much coverage is available are dependent on the state someone resides in and the plan they choose.

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Understanding Your Insurance


How Much Is Rehab Without Insurance?

Using insurance for rehab can significantly reduce your out-of-pocket costs, as your insurance company will pay for some, and perhaps even all, of the treatment costs. The rehab cost without insurance is often significantly higher, but the expense will depend on your chosen treatment type. Inpatient programs, which provide around-the-clock care and room and board, are more expensive than outpatient treatment.

Estimating the exact rehab cost is difficult, but studies offer guidelines. A recent study found that for-profit inpatient programs, which ranged from bare bones to luxurious facilities, charged an average of $17,434 for inpatient heroin addiction treatment. On the other hand, a month of intensive outpatient care for opioid use disorder was just over $3,000 per month.

Costs can differ widely between treatment centers. Some programs may offer a sliding fee scale, so your out-of-pocket costs will differ based on your income. 

Paying For Rehab Without Insurance 

Options to help you to pay for rehab are still available if you do not have insurance. Consider the following strategies:

  • Find a facility that will allow you to work out a payment plan. You may be able to pay an affordable monthly fee rather than the entire rehab cost at once.
  • Take out a loan to help with treatment costs. While this is an extra expense, investing in your recovery will likely result in long-term savings, as you will no longer be funding an addiction.
  • Contact your local addiction or mental health board. They may have funds to place people in treatment.
  • Determine if you might qualify for Medicaid, which offers insurance to low-income Americans. 

Insurance Accepted at The Recovery Village Columbus 

The Recovery Village Columbus accepts insurance to cover treatment costs. We accept most major national and local insurances and are an in-network provider for many insurance companies, including but not limited to: 

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