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We offer a continuum of care in the heart of Ohio, serving the state and patients from around the nation looking for effective drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

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If you’re searching for alcohol rehab or drug treatment in Lancaster, OH, The Recovery Village Columbus offers a full spectrum of medical and mental health care. Our team of addiction specialists works to create a customized treatment plan for each patient, addressing their unique needs to help them achieve a long-lasting recovery.

Substance Abuse in Lancaster, OH

In Ohio, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports the drug overdose death rate is 47.2, for a total of more than 5,200 deaths last year. In May 2020, Ohio had the highest number of deaths per month from overdoses ever reported. In the first half of 2021, from January to June, there was a higher number of accidental overdose deaths from drugs than in the first half of 2020. Some of the significant drugs of concern in Ohio include opioids like fentanyl as well as the stimulant methamphetamine, which has seen a resurgence in the past few years.

Opioid Treatment Programs in Lancaster, OH

Opioids include fentanyl, heroin and prescription drugs like oxycodone. In 2020 fentanyl was involved in 81% of overdose deaths in Ohio, up from 76% in 2019. Ohio has been called ground zero for the nation’s ongoing opioid epidemic. Along with thousands of fatalities from opioids in Ohio, there have also been increasing rates of newborns with opioid withdrawal. The opioid epidemic is a serious health emergency in Ohio.

While the opioid epidemic has devastating consequences for the people of Ohio, treatment options are available. The Recovery Village Columbus is a drug addiction treatment program that uses scientific research and compassion to help people dealing with an addiction to opioids and other substances. We also offer medication-assisted treatments combined with behavioral therapies when appropriate. 

Our Nearest Treatment Center

The Recovery Village Columbus is only about 30 minutes by car from Lancaster, OH. We work with patients from throughout Ohio and around the nation.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab at The Recovery Village Columbus

We approach addiction treatment with an understanding that it’s a disease. As a chronic disease, addiction affects every part of a person’s life, and the symptoms are extensive. Symptoms can be mental, physical and emotional. All of these must be addressed, as do the root causes of addiction and any co-occurring mental health disorders, for a long-term, sustainable recovery.

Medical Detox

During withdrawal from drugs or alcohol, symptoms can be uncomfortable and severe. A medical detox at The Recovery Village Columbus provides around-the-clock medical care and supervision in a safe environment. Medical detox includes spaces that promote a sense of comfort to promote rest and mental and physical well-being. Medical detox programs can also include medications for withdrawal symptoms when needed and nutritious foods, preparing patients for the next step in their recovery journey.

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Inpatient Drug Rehab

Our inpatient programs are our most intensive treatments. You live onsite in a supportive residential environment during inpatient rehab at The Recovery Village. Inpatient treatment programs, along with full-day programming, might include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Recreational therapies
  • Medical care and medication management
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for mental health disorders that are co-occurring
  • Family therapy

An inpatient program has the unique advantage of separating you from your home environment, which could be stressful or include triggers or distractions. You can exclusively focus on your recovery in an inpatient program.

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Outpatient Drug Treatment

An outpatient rehab program at The Recovery Village lets patients live offsite at home or in a sober living facility. You would travel to our treatment center for counseling and scheduled appointments during outpatient treatment. Outpatient programs might include:

  • Individual counseling
  • Group and family therapy
  • Mental health care for co-occurring disorders
  • Relapse prevention

For many people, outpatient treatment is something they transition into after completing a medical detox and inpatient rehab program when ready. For some other patients with less severe substance use disorders, outpatient treatment may be the initial step in their individualized treatment program. Outpatient treatment lets you maintain your outside responsibilities at home, school or your job while simultaneously working on your recovery.

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Dual Diagnosis

When someone has a substance use disorder along with a mental health disorder, both need to be treated for the best recovery outcomes. These are co-occurring disorders or dual diagnoses. Without dual diagnosis treatment, symptoms of the addiction may be temporarily managed. However, the deeper, underlying issues remain untreated, increasing your risk of relapse. The Recovery Village Columbus offers dual diagnosis treatment programs when needed.

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Why Choose The Recovery Village?

The Recovery Village Columbus is an entire continuum care treatment facility. We are one of the most trusted names in addiction treatment. Our expert staff will create an in-depth, personalized treatment program to address your unique needs. We’re also physician-led, providing evidence-based addiction treatment and healing amenities. We believe everyone can recover with a treatment plan meeting their goals.

Our Facility

Our facility is conveniently in the heart of Ohio and includes amenities for your overall well-being. We offer a full continuum of care and personalized programming for addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. 

Amenities include:

  • Outdoor sports courts
  • Two gyms
  • An art studio 
  • An outdoor fire pit
  • A relaxing environment to promote peace and wellness

Start Your Recovery Today

There’s no better time than now to take the first step to recovery, so please get in touch, and we can help you with each step.


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When you choose rehab at The Recovery Village Columbus Drug & Alcohol Rehab, you can expect

When you choose rehab at The Recovery Village Columbus Drug & Alcohol Rehab, you can expect:

  • A full continuum of care programs, from medically assisted detox to outpatient and aftercare
  • Innovative traditional therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and 12-step groups
  • Recreational options like yoga and art therapies
  • A full staff of licensed doctors, nurses and clinicians specializing in addiction and recovery
  • Care that is 100% confidential

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What To Expect

When you call our team, you will speak to a Recovery Advocate who will answer any questions and perform a pre-assessment to determine your eligibility for treatment. If eligible, we will create a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. If The Recovery Village is not the right fit for you or your loved one, we will help refer you to a facility that is. All calls are 100% free and confidential.

All calls are 100% free and confidential.