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Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) for Substance Abuse

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What Is Partial Hospitalization?

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is the next step in addiction recovery after medical detoxification and inpatient rehab, and offers a balance between the round-the-clock care of inpatient hospitalization and the independence of outpatient programming. At The Recovery Village in Columbus, Ohio, PHP gives patients the medical assistance they need while they develop a greater sense of autonomy and self-direction by building critical skills for sobriety on the path to lasting recovery.

As with any treatment program, receiving the right care at the right time can make all the difference. Our partial hospitalization program schedule provides people with a safe place to recover from substance abuse and co-occurring disorders during the day and ensures that each patient continues to heal.

Who Needs Partial Hospitalization Programming?

A good candidate for a PHP has:

  • Completed medical detoxification and/or residential care
  • The capacity to fully participate in therapy
  • Reasonable expectations for improvement
  • A solid support system at home or in the community

What to Expect During the Treatment Process

For those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, a partial hospitalization program is ideal after medical detox (at either our Ohio center or another rehabilitation facility) and intensive inpatient care. For many people, a partial hospitalization program schedule is the first step toward independent living and getting back in the swing of normal daily life.

From the moment you step foot into The Recovery Village’s beautiful rehabilitation center in Columbus, Ohio, you will be met by a whole village of people who know what you’re facing and want to help you turn over a new leaf. Every day, you’ll work on recovery in clinically managed intensive therapy.

Partial hospitalization program guidelines include a thorough intake process. At this point, our medical staff works with you to address your biological, psychological, and social needs and will craft a personalized therapeutic plan for you to follow. However, to participate in a PHP, you should be medically and psychologically stable enough to maintain a certain level of independence outside of treatment. A strong personal support system consisting of family, friends, and professionals will be beneficial along this specific treatment path.

Generally, patients in a PHP will complete 18–20 hours of evidence-based treatment per week, 5–7 days weekly. At The Recovery Village Columbus, you can experience several different types of therapy including medical assistance, group meetings, 12-step programming, and mental health therapy sessions. Whether you choose traditional therapy or our holistic options (e.g. yoga, equine) to keep you focused on recovery, you will improve your everyday functioning and grow your focus on recovery with each new day.

Our PHP Includes:

  • Access to doctors, nurses and psychiatrists 24-hours a day
  • Medication management plans
  • Fitness and nutrition oversight
  • Introduction to 12-step principles
  • Sober living accommodations
  • Individual counseling sessions with a mental health professional
  • Daily group therapy, including specialty and peer groups
  • Aftercare planning, including relapse prevention

With traditional therapy and holistic options to regain focus on sobriety and improve your overall well-being, PHP will help you grow with each new day. With that knowledge, enrollment is a commitment. If you are committed, you’ll progress and soon be ready to step down into the intensive outpatient program. This will allow you more freedom to apply the skills you’ve learned in therapy, and get you on the track to full recovery.

As your healing progresses, you will assume more responsibility and acquire new coping strategies. Your case manager may work with you to provide additional support as you prepare for the aftercare phase of recovery, such as vocational counseling, job placement, education assistance and legal assistance.

Why Participate in a Partial Hospitalization Program?

Everyone is different, and so is each substance abuse and co-occurring disorders case. Among the different levels of treatment available at The Recovery Village, PHP is the stepping stone to greater autonomy and independent living for people ready to take that step–but it might not be the care you need. With that in mind, there’s more than one reason to enroll in a PHP:

  • You need daily rehab, but not inpatient care. If you’ve moved past residential treatment but still need medical support, a PHP program will get you the help you need — and start you on the path to self-care and independence.
  • You suffer from co-occurring mental disorders. Your treatment won’t just help you overcome your addiction; we give you effective strategies to combat mental health issues like depression and anxiety.
  • You want to transition back to a normal daily routine. After undergoing detox and even inpatient care, it can be difficult to go back to your everyday life. If you follow our partial hospitalization program guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to outpatient care and your regular way of life.

Your Recovery Is Possible

Enrolling in our partial hospitalization program is a great way to continue healing from addiction after inpatient care, but full recovery requires more than a PHP. Our accomplished, compassionate team will work with you from day one to put together a robust aftercare plan complete with maintenance appointments in your area. Whether you continue on to outpatient treatment or work with family and friends to transition to independent living, we are with you every step of the way. Because you deserve to lead a fulfilling, drug-free life.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, The Recovery Village Columbus is full of people who understand your pain — and we want to guide you on the path to recovery.

What Our Patients Have to Say

Kenya Thoman
Kenya Thoman
15:26 08 Sep 21
I definitely grew a lot spiritually and physically during my stay and my therapist Mel has really helped me believe in myself and my sobriety more than anyone has in a long time
Abdi Amo
Abdi Amo
17:59 31 Aug 21
The Recovery Village provided me with extraordinary professional services and support when I needed the most. Although I was initially reluctant as I never had similar services, I learned first day that the professional folks at this place knew what they were doing, and it may have saved my life. Many thanks to Alex who recommended me to try, I was glad that I took your advice Alex. Special thanks to Jordan as he is the best. Also tremendous gratitude for every single member of the staff of this facility. Dr. Ahmed, Dr. Ken, Nicole, Niecy, Mel, Ariel, amazing clinical and support staff. Yo"ll the best.
Doug Lunsford
Doug Lunsford
19:06 25 Aug 21
Michelle is a tremendous outreach professional. Its always a pleasure to work with her in helping clients find placement for the correct treatment
Liliana Yocum
Liliana Yocum
14:37 17 Aug 21
I had an amazing time, came in unaware of my addiction and went on a beautiful journey of discovering my sober self, the other clients taught me so much outside of the classes that provided copious coping skills and the counselors were always on top of how I was feeling and what was on my mind and ways to deactivate overwhelming situations so I could learn how to do it on my own, this will be a long road of recovery but it began here, sometimes things went a lil sideways but it always came back on track with a million helping hands, I was never afraid to ask for help, and it is like a microcosm of the world in here and how to deal with it, I've processed a lot of trauma with the help of my therapist and others, EMDR and meditation are amazing, this place is truly what you make it and I've had an amazing experience, don't be afraid to reach out and ask for help!❤️
Timothy Reed
Timothy Reed
23:16 11 Aug 21
Counselors are great ! But the medical staff is a joke. Had paperwork sent over for fmla/disability. Left the facility and the paperwork was never filled out. Tried to reach out to the doctors several times, no response. Terrible customer service.
Douglas Ervin
Douglas Ervin
17:36 10 Aug 21
Great experience and I am so glad that I picked this place.. The staff was wonderful and really helped me with my recovery. I would highly recommend it.

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