Humana is one of the biggest insurance providers in the United States. In. 2017, Humana announced a departure from the state health insurance exchanges created under the Affordable Care Act, but millions of people still have Humana coverage through their employer.

While Humana is no longer on the state marketplace, most policies still meet the guidelines and requirements set by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The Affordable Care Act requires all marketplace insurance plans to cover mental health and substance abuse treatment as part of the essential health benefits.

With Humana and other insurance plans, the specific behavioral health coverage benefits depend on the plan and the state where the insurance holder resides.

The Recovery Village Columbus works with most major insurance providers, including Humana.

Does Humana Cover Drug and Alcohol Detox?

Humana may cover detox, but patients may have to go to an in-network provider. An in-network provider is one that Humana works with to provide coverage. If someone goes to an out-of-network provider, they may be responsible for more of the out-of-pocket expenses, or they may not get coverage at all. Humana usually transfers someone to an in-network rehab center or treatment provider when possible.

Other types of programs that Humana may partially or fully cover include:

  • Inpatient services for addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. Inpatient treatment coverage from Humana might include residential, around-the-clock care.
  • Outpatient services for addiction treatment can include individual and group therapy. These services may be provided in an intensive outpatient program, or with a therapist or counselor.
  • Aftercare services may be covered by Humana in some cases, which may include ongoing individual therapy and medication management
  • Co-occurring mental health disorders. Humana frequently covers treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders as part of their plans.

Benefits Offered From Humana for Addiction Treatment

Humana Behavioral Health handles Humana’s coverage for behavioral health services, including addiction treatment.

The Humana Behavioral Health program includes treatment for mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. Also included are alcohol and drug abuse treatment. The benefits offered under the program include access to a behavioral health network of substance abuse programs. Behavioral health from Humana can help policyholders with treatment coordination, including for hospitalization.

Will Humana Cover My Entire Stay for Addiction Treatment?

An addiction treatment program can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months or more. Whether Humana covers the entire stay for addiction treatment depends on different factors.

The type of health plan someone has is one of the biggest determinants. Also relevant is the state someone lives in, the type of treatment they’re seeking, and how long the program lasts.

A Humana plan may cover nearly all the costs for in-network addiction treatment, except co-pays. In other cases, a Humana plan may cover a portion of the costs of addiction treatment, and the patient is then responsible for the remainder of the costs.

To receive addiction treatment and mental health services, a referral or pre-authorization will likely be required.

Find Out More About What My Humana Insurance Plan Covers

The Recovery Village Columbus works with most major health insurance providers. Our admissions coordinators will work with you to determine what your health insurance plan covers. Our admissions team can contact representatives from Humana on your behalf and offer you a complete list of covered treatment options. Contact us today and we’ll help you start the pre-enrollment and insurance verification process.


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