Medical Detox in Ohio

Don’t take on withdrawal alone. Our experts make withdrawal as safe and comfortable as possible to ensure you don’t relapse during detox.

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What Is Medical Detox?

Medical detox is a fundamental first step in addiction treatment. During a medically supervised detox, the body removes drugs and alcohol from its system, which can involve uncomfortable or dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Our medical team provides 24/7 supervision and treatment for symptoms to make detox as safe and comfortable as possible.

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Is medical detox right for me?

Is medical detox
right for me?

If any of these apply to you, stopping safely may require medical detox. We’re here to help.

  • I’ve tried stopping by myself before and it didn’t work
  • I keep using drugs or alcohol to avoid feeling withdrawal symptoms
  • I’ve been using substances for a long time or in large amounts
  • I’m addicted to alcohol or benzodiazepines, where withdrawal symptoms can be fatal

What to Expect In Our Medical Detox Program

Before medical detox starts, we assess each patient’s drug and alcohol use, physical and mental state, and any co-occurring disorders to develop a comprehensive treatment plan. 

Patients at The Recovery Village Columbus detox in quiet, private rooms and receive 24-hour medical care, medications to manage withdrawal symptoms as medically appropriate, and nutritious meals to bolster health. They’ll also begin one-on-one counseling sessions with their licensed therapist. 

A safe, substance-free environment

24/7 medical monitoring

Treatment for withdrawal symptoms

Medication-assisted treatment (when appropriate)

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Speak with a Recovery Advocate who can answer your questions and get you started in treatment that’s right for you.

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Using Insurance for a Medical Detox

The Recovery Village Columbus is in-network with most national and local insurance providers. We can verify your insurance coverage or discuss private payment options with you.

Using Insurance for a Medical Detox

Your Recovery Is Our Mission

If you struggle with addiction, you’re not alone. Read our reviews and learn why The Recovery Village Columbus may be the right place for your recovery.

Angela F.
15:42 18 Apr 24
RVC is amazing! this place helped save my life. every staff member deserves a pat on the back because each one showed me such kindness and love. when i came here, i felt so broken, but when I left I felt so complete and whole again. Shout out to Tocarra for helping me get back home!
Scott B.
14:41 15 Apr 24
Amazing staff and facilities. Recovery Village was a blessing and life-changer. I am grateful for all of the support and care. Will shout it to the world!
Mike W.
15:16 09 Apr 24
Recovery village was a great experience. The staff were friendly and helpful. The counselors are very informative and helped me learn a lot about how to move forward in my journey. The relationships I built will last a long time after I leave.
Alex M.
19:11 26 Mar 24
Well maintained treatment center that helps give you a foundation for future success
Jennifer C.
14:09 21 Mar 24
The Recovery Village Columbus is nothing short of amazing. My husband went here and it changed our lives. There are so many educated, knowledgeable, and caring people to help anyone who comes have the best chance for Recovery. Raynita, Robert, Mel, Sheila, and so many other hard-working, staff. The meals they provide our nutritious, they have medication to help people get through this, I highly recommend anyone who is thinking, or contemplating, Recovery, for themselves, or Loved one, Please try Recovery Village Columbus, it saved our marriage and so many other things. It is an amazing place that can change your life.
Charlie V.
13:08 18 Mar 24
I would recommend this place to anyone. Just be willing and ready to learn.

FAQs About Medical Detox

How long is medical detox?

The length of time detox takes depends on the substance used, withdrawal symptoms and your physical health. Most clients complete the medically supervised detox period in 7–10 days.

Can I detox at home?

We do not recommend detoxing at home. Withdrawal can be uncomfortable and demotivating, leading to relapse. Alcohol and opioids, in particular, have withdrawal symptoms that can be fatal without immediate medical care.

Does medical detox work?

Yes, 24/7 medical supervision ensures your drug or alcohol detox is successful. However, detox is only the first step in addiction treatment; you’ll continue with additional treatment and counseling to stay on your recovery journey.

Will I receive methadone, suboxone, etc. during detox?

The Recovery Village Columbus offers u003ca href=u0022/treatment-programs/medication-assisted-treatment/u0022u003emedication-assisted treatmentu003c/au003e (MAT) as medically appropriate. Your clinical team will determine your needs and eligibility for MAT.

How can I pay for medical detox?

Insurance may cover some or all of the cost of medical detox. Without insurance, The Recovery Village Columbus can discuss private payment options with you.

Will I lose my job if I attend medical detox?

u003ca href=u0022/resources/rehab-and-job/u0022u003eSeveral lawsu003c/au003e are in place that protect employees when they attend detox and rehab.

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When you call our team, you will speak to a Recovery Advocate who will answer any questions and perform a pre-assessment to determine your eligibility for treatment. If eligible, we will create a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. If The Recovery Village is not the right fit for you or your loved one, we will help refer you to a facility that is. All calls are 100% free and confidential.

All calls are 100% free and confidential.