The Road to Recovery: 8 Milestones to Celebrate

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If you are dealing with a substance use disorder, it might seem like a celebration is hard to find. After all, you have struggled for a long time, and you know that it can be difficult to stay sober and in recovery. However, it can also be joyful. Recovery is not just a hard time; … Read More

Will Ohio Get Additional Funding for Needle Exchange Programs?

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What is a Needle Exchange Program? At a needle exchange program, the focus is on keeping people free of blood-borne diseases. Unfortunately, sharing needles is a dangerous way to use drugs, since many diseases are transmitted through the blood. At a needle exchange, people who inject drugs are able to get free, sterile syringes and … Read More

4 Ways Music Therapy Supports Ohio Addiction Recovery

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When you are considering addiction recovery, does music therapy spring to mind? While many people imagine therapy sessions to be part of the treatment for themselves or their loved one, they do not necessarily consider elements like music or art therapy to be part of an exceptional treatment program. However, music therapy can support those … Read More