Fentanyl and Cocaine: A Nightmare Mix in Ohio

Last Updated: October 24, 2022

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Drug addiction is frightening and full of unknowns. Part of the danger is that you cannot always know what may be mixed in with the drugs you are using. You may think you are using one type of drug and not be aware that it is cut with something far more dangerous. Overdose deaths are increasing In Ohio, and part of the reason is the practice of mixing substances and inadvertently creating death-dealing concoctions.

Fentanyl and Cocaine

Though the opioid epidemic is getting most of the national and state attention, cocaine use is still quite prevalent as well. Sadly, the prevalence of opioid and cocaine has led to an increase in the number of incidences of cocaine cut with Fentanyl. This combination is a deadly nightmare.

Fentanyl is an opioid stronger than heroin and more potent than morphine. Because Fentanyl is inexpensive and readily available, dealers are cutting it into the more expensive cocaine, resulting in a deadly combo. Some of the people dying from this mix are occasional or one-time users who have no idea that Fentanyl is mixed into their cocaine.

Ohio’s Nightmare Increases

Unfortunately, this deadly mix has made its way to Ohio, destroying the lives of many with addiction disorders and their families as well.

Fortunately, the Ohio Department of Health reports the dedication and attention that the state is giving this epidemic. With a $1 billion yearly investment, Ohio is working hard to help combat this danger. From local to state agencies, there are initiatives in place to help those who are at-risk for substance abuse and overdose. Some of these initiatives include providing treatment options for drug offenders and enforcing drug laws to prevent the distribution of opioids like Fentanyl.

The Importance of Treatment

Though the opioid drug epidemic is touching more and more unsuspecting victims, help is available. If you have a problem with substance abuse, including opioid abuse or cocaine abuse, please do not hesitate to seek treatment. Every hit you take is like playing Russian roulette. Your next hit of cocaine could be the one that is laced with Fentanyl. It could be the one that precipitates a deadly overdose. Please do not take that kind of chance with your life.

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