How Addictive Is Dilaudid?

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Updated 10/24/2022

There is a reason why specific instructions are provided when prescription medication is given to patients. Patients need to know exactly how to take medication, what doses to take, how frequently the medication should be consumed, and when to stop taking it. Misusing medication can put a person at risk of experiencing adverse reactions and developing an addiction.

Such is the case with Dilaudid, a medication that is prescribed to alleviate pain. More specifically, Dilaudid is a type of opioid, which can be taken in liquid, tablet, suppository or injection form. No matter what form it comes in, Dilaudid can become addictive when not taken according to specific instructions.

Understanding Opioid Addiction

Opioid addiction has become a dire situation across the United States, with some parts of the country being hit harder than others.

In 2016, it’s estimated that approximately 11.5 million people used pain-relieving medications, such as Dilaudid and other opioids, that were not prescribed to them. Whether they took the drug from others, “doctor shopped,” or obtained them through illicit sources, many people find ways to obtain opioids like Dilaudid and misuse them.

Over 130 Americans die after overdosing on opioids every day. Dilaudid addiction is only adding to the problem.

Why Is Dilaudid Addictive?

When Dilaudid is consumed, it induces a relaxing and sedating effect, similar to that of illicit opioids like heroin. Some people may crave that same effect over and over again, and therefore take the drug in order to achieve those same feelings of euphoria. People can increase their tolerance to the drug with prolonged misuse of Dilaudid.

When this happens, the person will need a larger amount of Dilaudid to achieve the same effects. As this habit continues, the risk of addiction increases. At this point, the person may experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop taking Dilaudid because their brain has become adapted to operating with the drug. To alleviate these uncomfortable symptoms, the person may revert back to using Dilaudid.

This cycle can continue until help is sought from professionals. It can be extremely difficult to quit taking drugs like Dilaudid without professional treatment because of the associated withdrawal symptoms.

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Where Can a Person Go for Help With Dilaudid Addiction?

While Dilaudid addiction can be difficult to overcome alone, help is available. In a medically supervised environment, people with substance use disorders involving Dilaudid can effectively and safely wean themselves off the drug and rid it from their system. With the appropriate medication, the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that typically force people back to misusing the drug can be minimized.

Following detox, a medical team can implement an appropriate treatment protocol. With the help of professionals in addiction treatment programs, recovery from Dilaudid addiction is possible.

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