New Billboard Campaign Set to Get Ohioans Talking about Substance Abuse

Last Updated: November 10, 2022

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One of the biggest struggles of addiction outreach is raising awareness and empowering citizens to take action. A new statewide billboard from the Ohio Outdoor Advertising Association of Ohio in partnership with the Ohio Department of Public Safety and the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services is taking aim at opiate addiction and impaired driving, which has been increasing across the country particularly in rural and suburban areas.

Two hundred digital and printed billboards are being rolled out across the state as part of the “Start Talking!” campaign that instructs the public to call #677 to report impaired driving or drug activity. Calls are directed to the nearest dispatch center which then sends out a trooper to investigate the complaint. The timing of this campaign around the holiday season is intentional. Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction services, Tracy Plouk notes:

“These billboards are a great reminder to families that holiday road trips are a perfect time to engage young people in meaningful conversations about the dangers of alcohol and other drugs.”

Young people can be tempted by drugs and alcohol for many reasons, often with peer pressure as a catalyst. For many, it may be a way to facilitate social connections with those from whom they want approval or a coping mechanism for dealing with everyday stress and anxiety from issues at school or at home. Dialogue both in communities and within families and social groups is a vital part of preventing drug and alcohol abuse. Children whose parents talk to them about drugs have been shown to be 50 percent less likely to engage in substance abuse later on.

A young person’s home, school, and community can make a substantial impact on how at-risk he or she is for maladaptive behaviors like drinking to excess or abusing prescription medication. With this in mind, Recovery Village and Advanced Recovery Systems is pleased to see the proactive response by the state of Ohio in combating drug use, addiction, and other high-risk behaviors such as impaired driving.

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Though education is a strong form of drug abuse prevention, the fact is that many Ohioans are already suffering from some type of substance use disorder. What can be done for you if you or any of your loved ones fall into that category?

For Ohioans suffering from drug or alcohol dependency, help is available right now. Recovery Village Columbus treatment centers are run by qualified and empathetic professionals, many of whom have experienced drug abuse first-hand as a recovering addict or through association with a loved one with a substance use disorder.

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