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2023/2024 Ohio Substance Abuse Resources for Students Guide

Last Updated: October 27, 2022

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As young adults attempt to navigate life, students face difficult challenges on all fronts: bullying in high school. Divisive family issues. Pressure to do well in college. The weight of these (and many more) stressful situations can lead to destructive behaviors like binge drinking on the weekend and dabbling with drugs in college. Experimenting with drugs in high school or drinking heavily in a university may be brushed off as typical, even expected, youthful debauchery. But left unchecked, this behavior can quickly spiral out of control.

Are you a high school student suffering from a dependence on drugs or alcohol? The loved one of a college or grad school student who struggles with addiction? Learn more about substance use disorders among Ohio students, local treatment centers, available hotlines and ways to help someone break the bonds of addiction for good.

Which Substances Do Ohio Students Use?

In high school and college, many young adults are exposed to an array of illicit substances and types of alcohol. Find out which specific drugs and drinks students struggle with in Ohio. 

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How to Help Ohio Students Struggling With Addiction

Whether you’re a concerned friend or a caring family member, there’s more than one way to aid a student suffering from drug or alcohol dependency. Learn how you can start helping now. 

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Our Recovery Advocates are ready to answer your questions about addiction treatment and help you start your recovery.