Ativan Addiction: What Ohio Residents Should Know

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Do you know someone who is addicted to Ativan? This drug can be very addictive, but Ativan addicts do not need to suffer quietly. There is help for those who are addicted, whether you are looking for Ohio drug rehab options or options in another state.

What Is Ativan?

Ativan is also known as Lorazepam, and it is part of a group of drugs known as benzodiazepines. If someone you know has anxiety, they may have been prescribed Ativan. It is also prescribed for seizures, sleep problems, and nausea due to chemotherapy.

This drug acts on the brain and on the nerves to enhance GABA, a chemical that is naturally made by the body. It makes people feel calm and relaxed and slightly euphoric, and it is very commonly prescribed. Unfortunately, Ativan was not designed for long-term use, and it is habit-forming. It can also combine with alcohol and increase the effects of alcohol.

Ativan is either a colorless liquid or a tablet that dissolves. It begins to work in about two hours and can remain in the body for up to twenty hours.

Those who are pregnant should definitely not take Ativan, as it can cause birth defects and can also lead to a newborn who is dependent on the drug. It can also pass into breast milk.

The Symptoms of Ativan Abuse

Unfortunately, Ativan was designed for short-term anxiety problems such as panic attacks and not for long-term use. It is highly addictive, and so those who use it over time could become addicted to the drug. Those who have had a history of abuse of other drugs or alcohol are especially at risk for Ativan abuse.

Symptoms of Ativan abuse include:

  • Taking Ativan when you do not have a prescription
  • Combining Ativan with other drugs
  • Using Ativan in a higher dose than prescribed
  • Using Ativan in a different way than it was prescribed, such as crushing up pills and placing them in a liquid so that you can inject them

Socially, you might notice yourself, a friend, or a family member experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Troubles within relationships and social isolation
  • Poor risk assessment
  • Loss of interest in their usual activities
  • Failure to complete tasks or follow through with other obligations
  • Financial troubles

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What Happens During Ativan Withdrawal?

It is very easy to become tolerant to the effects of Ativan, and this means that people need more and more of the drug to feel the same effects. When you are withdrawing from Ativan, you can expect to start to feel the effects within 24 hours. These effects include increased blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety. The anxiety that occurs during withdrawal can be especially scary for those who were using Ativan to control anxiety. Some people will experience intense anxiety or panic during their withdrawal from Ativan.

Supported Care for Ativan Addiction

Luckily, in Ohio, there are drug rehab options that can help you with both the medical and emotional aspects of drug withdrawal. At The Recovery Village Columbus, we offer medical assistance with Ativan withdrawal. We also have emotional support available, such as therapy and support groups that recognize that the presence of co-occurring disorders such as anxiety and depression can make it harder to recover from addiction. By treating these disorders and providing long-term support, we can make it easier for you, your friends, or your family members to recover from Ativan addiction.

Are you looking for Ohio drug rehab options? Turn to The Recovery Village Columbus today to learn about admission.