VA Community Care Network

The VA Community Care Network

Last Updated: February 19, 2023

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The Recovery Village Columbus is honored to be a member of the VA Community Care Network. 

We work with the VA to help veterans receive high-quality, specialized addiction and co-occurring mental health treatment at our facility.

What Is the Community Care Network (CCN)?

The Community Care Network (CCN) is a network of private health care providers that gives veterans greater choice in their health care outside of VA medical facilities. The VA can schedule appointments on the veteran’s behalf, or the veteran can request and schedule care at a facility of their choosing within the network, like The Recovery Village Columbus. 

Working with Your VA Benefits

Our Veteran Advocates help you navigate your Community Care eligibility and health insurance benefits through our partnership with the VA. We work with you to make the approval process as seamless as possible and get you high-quality, professional addiction treatment for veterans.

Are You a Veteran?

Let us know you’re a veteran when you call.
We’ll get you specialized support to meet your needs.

VA Community Care Eligibility

A veteran only needs to meet one of six criteria to be eligible for care within the CCN: 

  1. The veteran needs a service that’s not available at a VA medical facility.
  2. The veteran lives in a U.S. state or territory without a full-service VA medical facility.
  3. The VA cannot provide care within designated driving time and wait time standards.
  4. Receiving care in the CCN is in the veteran’s best medical interest.
  5. A VA service line does not meet certain quality standards.
  6. The veteran qualifies under the “Grandfather” provision related to distance eligibility for VCP.

Your eligibility for community care depends on your individual health care needs and circumstances:

  • In most cases, you’ll need approval from the VA prior to starting care with us.
  • VA staff members generally make all eligibility decisions.
  • You must be enrolled in VA health care or be eligible for VA care without enrolling.

Veteran Recovery Is Our Mission 

The Recovery Village Columbus is an industry-leading, private treatment provider for addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. 

  • FORTITUDE: Our specialty track for veterans and first responders puts you in exclusive group therapy sessions with your peers. 
  • Experienced clinicians: Our clinicians are specially trained in trauma-informed care, military culture and treating veteran-specific addiction and mental health needs.
  • Dual diagnosis: We treat addiction and mental health disorders like PTSD, anxiety or depression simultaneously for a better recovery.  
  • EMDR: A revolutionary treatment, EMDR therapy alleviates mental pain and emotional recession from trauma, which can lead to better outcomes for your addiction.

If you’re a veteran struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, our evidence-based specialty track could be your path to recovery. 


Our Recovery Advocates are ready to answer your questions about addiction treatment and help you start your recovery.