How to Handle Stress without Drugs and Alcohol

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When the demands of daily life get to be too much, it can feel that the only natural solution is to reach for something to soothe your stress. For some, these coping mechanisms may be something like calling a friend, going for a walk, engaging in physical activity, or getting a good night of sleep.

However, for others, it can be tempting to drink to excess or use mind-altering substances to cope with feelings of stress or agitation. If this sounds like you, this article provides some helpful advice for managing tension without resorting to drugs and alcohol.

Detach Yourself from the Source of Stress

Sometimes all it takes is putting some distance between yourself and your stressor to start to feel some immediate relief. Whether this is is a difficult person or situation in your life that is getting you worked up, it is good to take breaks when possible to reduce your negative emotions. Permit yourself to step away to allow yourself time for reflection and developing a new perspective. You may even find a solution to your problem during this time.

Get Moving

A growing body of research suggests that exercise is overwhelmingly beneficial for reducing stress and increasing feelings of peace and wellbeing. Start with taking a 20-minute walk with a friend, or maybe a nice hike on a local trail. Alternatively, running, swimming, dancing, yoga, fitness classes, and an array of other activities are ideal ways to deal with negative emotions while getting an added cardiovascular and overall health benefit.

Learn to Laugh

No matter what your sense of humor is, there are plenty of ways to get smiling and laughing to reduce stressful feelings and help you feel more positive and engaged with your life. Whether it is looking at cat memes, putting in that old Monty Python DVD, or watching YouTube videos of your favorite comedians, finding time to see the lighter side of life can put your problems in perspective. Over time, laughter can help you to feel more lively and upbeat as you face your daily challenges of work or personal responsibilities.

Reach Out to a Loved One

Social connections are essential to human happiness, and positive interactions with friends and family can reduce stress by making you feel more connected to others and more supported in your life. Call your parents, send a text to a friend you have not spoken to in months, or find someone you trust to listen to your problems and keep them confidential. It is important to make sure you are surrounded by those who you can trust to hold you up and validate you when you need a little extra support.

Get Help for Addiction

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All calls are 100% free and confidential.