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Is Rapid Detox Safe in Ohio Drug Rehab?

Last Updated: January 17, 2023

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You have decided to commit. You want to make sure that you can detox from drugs and commit to a new direction in life. It is a significant choice, and you want to do it right, and quickly. Is rapid detox the right choice for those exploring Ohio drug rehab options?

What is Rapid Detox? 

When you are tired of using drugs or alcohol and you just want to quit being addicted, it is tempting to quit immediately. However, this can make it much more physically challenging to withdraw from drug use. There can be physically challenging symptoms such as shaking, sweating, nausea, and depression.

Rapid detox programs have attempted to manage some of the medical concerns of detoxification more quickly than traditional programs, which take up to two weeks to medically manage the most immediate effects of detoxification. They focus on detox under general anesthetic with intervenous medication. The individual who is detoxifying is then given other medication that is more of a long-term solution and helps reduce cravings for the drug.

Should You Do a Rapid Detox?

There are difficulties with the rapid detox process. Although it can feel like a quick fix for addiction, Drug Rehab states that “if someone has a severe addiction to alcohol or benzodiazepines, quitting cold turkey can be deadly.” Rapid detoxification might feel easier, but it is still very difficult for your body.

Rapid detox also does not address the psychological element of addiction. It can feel easy, but Drug Rehab continues: “Many addiction treatment facilities use a combination of medical and social care.” This includes support for your body as well as for your emotional and social needs so that you can move through the medical aspects of detox and have a support network as well. A slower, more structured approach to medical detoxification followed by social and emotional support is more of a long-term solution to addiction.

What to Look For in a Drug Rehab Program

If you are in Ohio, what should you look for when you are considering Ohio drug rehab?

  • Look for a program that offers medical assistance through the detox process. Detox is safer if you have medical support. In addition to the immediate support necessary during withdrawal, ask about ongoing medical support for recovery as well.
  • Find a program that offers therapy, art, yoga, and other options for developing your social and emotional wellness. You are rebuilding your life, and your recovery program can help you during this process.
  • Ask about options for ongoing support, such as intensive outpatient programs and sober housing. These allow you to rebuild your life and maintain consistency while developing a sober community around you.

At the Recovery Village in Columbus, we focus on support through all stages of detox, including social and emotional recovery. We are here to help you stay committed to recovery in the long term. If you are looking for options for Ohio drug rehab, contact us today!


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