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Cocaine Addiction Treatment & Rehab

Last Updated: December 20, 2022

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The latest data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) shows that within a given year, about 3.6% of Ohioans experience an addiction to illicit drugs like cocaine. 

If you are an Ohioan who uses cocaine recreationally, you may not be concerned about developing a substance use disorder. You may have begun using the drug for fun or to have more energy. However, what started as a recreational activity may turn into an addiction that takes control over your life.This is the case for many cocaine users in Ohio and across the country. 

In Ohio, overdose deaths related to cocaine have shown an upward trend since 2014, with deaths from cocaine overdose increasing slightly from 2018 to 2019. Detox and treatment can help prevent relapses, leading you to a better life.

Attending drug rehab can be a difficult decision to make. Where can you turn for cocaine addiction treatment in Ohio? What are the options available in terms of treatment? Treatment varies, so choosing the right one for your unique situation is essential.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a diagnosable and chronic disease referred to as a substance use disorder in the medical community. As a highly addictive stimulant drug, cocaine poses a significant risk for developing a substance use disorder. While there is no cure, there are many treatment options for cocaine addiction in Ohio and all over the country.

Cocaine addiction treatment can vary, but inpatient rehab tends to be the most effective for severe cases of addiction, no matter the substance. The National Institute on Drug Abuse suggests that cocaine addiction treatment should address the complex needs of patients, including those related to family, social functioning, and changes in the brain caused by addiction. Treatment may also involve related services, such as vocational training or marital counseling. 

Regardless of the specific type of treatment chosen, cocaine rehab typically involves behavioral interventions. One type of counseling called cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is effective for treating cocaine addiction. Contingency management programs, which offer rewards for staying sober, can also be beneficial. 

Any co-occurring mental disorders should also be addressed when a person seeks cocaine addiction treatment. Many people struggling with a cocaine use disorder may also suffer from eating disorders, as the substance can be used as an appetite suppressant to lose weight. If a co-occurring disorder is present, the addiction is intertwined with the mental health disorder, and both need to be addressed in order for treatment to be effective.

Inpatient Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Many patients, especially those with a severe addiction, begin with inpatient treatment. This means that they live onsite at a treatment center for the duration of the program. This allows patients to begin their recovery in a supportive environment, where they receive around-the-clock care and are not exposed to relapse triggers. While in inpatient treatment, patients tend to participate in both individual and group counseling. They may also meet with a psychiatrist and receive medications to address co-occurring mental health issues, and participate in therapeutic activities like yoga. Inpatient clients may transition to a partial hospitalization program (PHP) as they recover, which offers more daily freedom and flexibility at the center.  

Outpatient Cocaine Addiction Treatment

After completing an inpatient cocaine rehab program, it is common for patients to transition to outpatient treatment to continue their recovery. While enrolled in outpatient care, patients attend appointments at a clinic several times per week, but return home at night. They may participate in both individual and group counseling on an outpatient basis. 

There are two levels of outpatient care at The Recovery Village Columbus, including intensive outpatient services, which provide more hours of care per week and act as a transition into regular outpatient care. 

Cocaine Addiction Treatment in Ohio

Cocaine addiction rehab in Ohio can occur in an inpatient setting or an outpatient setting. Both of these types of programs offer behavioral interventions and a combination of individual and group counseling. 

The most important aspect of a treatment program – whether it is inpatient or outpatient – is that it should be individualized. Each person who is struggling with a cocaine use disorder will have slightly different needs in terms of treatment. Once you make the decision to attend treatment, an addiction professional can help you determine the best treatment plan for your situation. Dual diagnosis patients require additional consideration since they have a mental health condition that occurs alongside cocaine addiction. 

Once you complete detox, it is important that you continue with recovery by participating in ongoing treatment and eventually aftercare support. Detox is a crucial part of recovery, but it is only the first step. 

The Recovery Village Columbus offers a full continuum of care for individuals living with a cocaine use disorder. We provide multiple levels of service:

Our facility also offers several amenities, such as a volleyball court, gyms, an art studio, a recreation room and a yoga room. We are Joint Commission accredited, and we employ a team of experts overseen by a board-certified psychiatrist for exceptional care.

How Much Does Cocaine Addiction Treatment Cost?

The cost of cocaine addiction treatment in Ohio depends on several factors, such as whether you choose inpatient or outpatient treatment, the amount of time you spend in rehab, and what kind of facility you choose for treatment. 

Outpatient care can be cheaper than an inpatient program, and a basic facility will be less costly than one that offers luxury amenities. Contact Ohio rehab facilities directly to inquire about the costs associated with cocaine addiction treatment. 

Will My Insurance Cover Cocaine Rehab?

While the cost of rehab varies, some or even all of the costs could be covered by insurance providers. Contact your insurance company directly with any questions about coverage.

If you are considering treatment for cocaine addiction in Ohio, contact us at The Recovery Village Columbus. One of our intake specialists will discuss treatment options and how they fit in with your insurance. If we don’t currently accept your insurance, our team is happy to work with you to create a payment plan to help you cover out-of-pocket costs. Give us a call today to get started. 


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