Do You Need a Sponsor for Addiction Recovery in Ohio?

Last Updated: February 15, 2023

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If you are currently battling addiction and are either considering treatment or have already started treatment, you may want to consider whether or not to have a sponsor as part of your overall recovery. What exactly is a sponsor in addiction recovery, and what role do these individuals take on to help addicts overcome their addiction in Ohio?

What Is a Sponsor in Ohio Alcohol and Drug Rehab?

Basically, a sponsor is a mentor who has already gone through recovery as an addict and has taken the steps required to no longer use drugs or alcohol. Sponsors once abused drugs or alcohol and managed to use treatment to their advantage in order to stay sober. Since they were once in the same shoes as current addicts who still use, they understand what others who are still deep the depths of addiction are going through and can completely sympathize with their struggles.

Sponsors are typically senior members of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) who have been in recovery for at least a year before using their experiences and services to help others battling addiction.

The role of a sponsor is to:

  • Support addicts as they move through recovery
  • Answer questions
  • Work through the 12 steps of the program
  • Keep addicts accountable for their actions and choices

Sponsors also monitor, encourage, and help addicts build upon their coping skills needed to achieve full recovery.

Addicts can confide in their sponsors and go to them whenever they feel weak in their addiction and are struggling with where to turn. While group therapy sessions that are part of AA and NA programs are great places for addicts to share their thoughts and concerns, sometimes addicts may feel more comfortable confiding in one individual rather than with many people at meetings.

Studies have suggested that addicts in 12-step programs who have a sponsor tend to be more involved in their group meetings and have higher attendance rates, thereby improving treatment outcomes and rates. That said, the quality of the relationship between addicts and sponsors also plays a key role in how sponsorship can help addicts through Ohio alcohol and drug rehab.

Do You Need a Sponsor?

If you are going through Ohio alcohol and drug rehab, you may want to consider getting yourself a sponsor based on how helpful these individuals can be. Basically, you can think of a sponsor as a close friend and confidante who has the experience to guide you along the path to recovery.

It can be extremely helpful and comforting to know that you have someone to turn to whenever you are feeling anxious or stressed out in your addiction. While you can always lean on friends and family, sponsors offer something more because they have been where you are and totally understand the struggles you are experiencing.

There is mounting evidence to suggest that teaming up with a 12-step sponsor can improve recovery rates over time. While more research may be required to understand exactly why a relationship between an addict and a sponsor can help support recovery, it makes sense that having someone to go to for support can certainly be beneficial through treatment and recovery.

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