How to Deal with an Addicted Spouse in Ohio

Last Updated: November 10, 2022

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Being married to someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol can be a very scary situation. Those who are under the influence usually do not behave in a rational manner, so anything can happen in the household when they are using. This leaves the sober spouse constantly feeling vulnerable, frightened, and concerned about what their addicted spouse will do next.

Marriage + Addiction=Harder Challenges

Marriage already comes with its challenges, but adding addiction into the mix just makes things that much more difficult to manage. Drug and alcohol addiction can definitely take its a toll on a marriage and can corrupt the relationship between partners. As such, it can make it nearly impossible to resolve the average day-to-day conflicts and issues that arise between spouses.

Many times this growing disconnect stemming from the alcoholism or drug abuse can result in an increase in substance abuse, leading to a cycle that can quickly and easily spiral out of control. As such, it may be necessary to seek outside support in order to deal with this situation. Getting treatment will not only help the addicted spouse but the sober spouse as well.

If your spouse is currently battling an addiction, you both need help. Your spouse clearly needs Ohio drug rehab to help kick the habit and overcome the addiction. But you also need support to help you cope with the circumstances of your marriage and get the guidance needed to help you understand what you can do to improve the situation.

Learning how to help your addicted spouse can be a difficult process, but it can be also a very important step to take in order to help your spouse recover from the addiction and alleviate the stresses that you may experience as a result of your spouse’s substance abuse.

Your Spouse Has an Addiction: What Should You Do?

The first thing you need to do is protect yourself. As mentioned earlier, those who are under the influence may become erratic or violent, which can create a dangerous situation for you or any children who may be present. Try to avoid any contact with your spouse and find a safe place to go when he or she is intoxicated.

When you partner is sober, have a chat about his or her addiction and talk about how negatively it is affecting your relationship as well as your own emotional well-being. Express your concern for his or her health and try to make arrangements for treatment. If your spouse is combative or becomes upset or agitated at this suggestion, you will definitely need some outside help from professionals at an Ohio drug rehab facility.

Perhaps an intervention may be required to get your spouse to go to treatment, or maybe he or she may finally realize the extent of the problem and may agree to go to Ohio drug rehab voluntarily. Either way, professional treatment in a rehabilitative facility is precisely what is needed to help your spouse overcome his or her addiction and help you learn the skills needed to cope with this unfortunate situation. You might also benefit from counseling yourself to deal with the trauma that you may have suffered as a result of your spouse’s drug or alcohol addiction.

If your spouse is abusing drugs and alcohol, you are not alone. We can help. Contact us today to get the help you desperately need.

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