Multiplan Insurance

Multiplan, which is the parent company for Private Healthcare Systems, is a third-party organization that connects people to medical services. Multiplan does not supply insurance plans or coverage for care.

Multiplan’s services is a preferred provider organization (PPO) that includes health care providers and insurance plans. Creating this network allows people access to a larger number of services and discounts. If your insurance plan is within the Multiplan network, you can obtain treatment from any health care provider who is also a part of the Multiplan network regardless of if your insurance company partners directly with that provider.

Does Multiplan Cover Drug and Alcohol Detox?

Multiplan does not directly cover the costs of any health care service, including drug and alcohol detox. Multiplan is a network of providers and insurance plans. This network allows people more access to services with reduced out-of-pocket expenses that they otherwise would not get just from their insurance plan’s network. Coverage of drug and alcohol detox depends mainly on your specific insurance plan.

Benefits Offered From Multiplan for Addiction Treatment

Having an insurance plan that is part of the Multiplan network means you can go to any addiction treatment facility that is also part of the network. For most people, that means access to more rehab options while still benefiting from a reduced out-of-pocket expense.

Will Multiplan Cover My Entire Stay for Addiction Treatment?

Multiplan does not provide coverage for any health care service, including inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation. The length of stay covered depends on your insurance plan and whether you’ll go to a facility that is within your plan’s network.

Find out More About What My Multiplan Insurance Plan Covers

Since Multiplan is a third-party network, there is no such thing as a Multiplan insurance plan. However, your insurance company might be part of the Multiplan network. You can find a list of all participating providers and plans on the company’s website.